Youth Group Fundraisers

YOUTHGROUPWEB2An important part of any ministry, youth groups help the church and the community. Youth group fundraisers at Giving Bean are the perfect way for any youth group to raise funds for mission trips, activities, specific missions or charities, church renovations, and so on.

Easy and effective with products most people use everyday, this coffee fundraiser is a breeze. Freshly roasted coffee, artisan teas, and all natural gourmet cocoa and chai – there is something for everyone. Order form fundraisers earn 40% along with earning 25% on webstore orders. Webstore ordering is a great option for anyone who wishes to support your cause but doesn’t live in your area. We also offer a ‘show and sell option’. This features an assortment of 50 items in our most popular flavors of coffee and tea. This is the perfect way to boost your sales. Sell the products after church to help you meet your goals and show the congregation what the products look like. Finally, participation is key and assigning each member of the youth group to sell a certain number of items will help you easily reach your goals.