Giving Bean’s easy-to-start & coordinate coffee fundraising program helps take the headache out of raising funds through excellent product quality, simple guided methods, free custom labels and a special mix of order-form and online sales…

Our Fundraising Options

Not sure what fundraising method is best for your group? Check out our fundraising decision grid to help you decide!


For order form fundraisers, our coffee bags and k-kup boxes feature your group’s name and/or logo on the label free of charge!


The Giving Bean Profit Estimator gives you an idea of how many items you would sell to reach your goal with our order form fundraisers.

Coffee Fundraising Key Highlights

Easy-to-Start and Coordinate

Sign up anytime on your schedule. Step-by-step instructions throughout your fundraiser. There is no paperwork, our ordering and reporting systems do it for you.

Quality Worth Raving About

Freshly roasted small-batch coffee made with the finest Arabica beans, unique artisan teas and all-natural gourmet coco and chai, something for everyone!

Fairly Priced

Your freshly roasted coffee is sent straight from us to you! Our coffee is about the same or lower than the retail price of comparable coffees.


Earn 40% profit per bag of coffee or tea with our Traditional and Express fundraisers and earn 25% profit with your Webstore fundraiser sales year-round.

No Startup Costs

We never make you order products that you haven’t already sold and it costs nothing to sign up and start fundraising!

No Minimums Or Hidden Fees

No matter how much you sold, there is no minimum requirement. Order-form orders are taken first from your supporters and then placed, shipped and delivered!

Free Customized Labels

For Traditional and Express fundraisers, our coffee bags feature your groups name and/or logo on the label free of charge. Email us your logo!

Fantastic Packaging & Labeling

Beautiful look, color and eye-catching design! Each product is labeled clearly and is color-coded, which makes sorting easy for your group.

Reliable & Fast Fulfillment

Once your order is placed, we roast, pack and ship it as soon as possible. Expect delivery in about 7-14 business days so that you can deliver products quickly!

Free Shipping (50+ Items)

Shipping is free for orders of 50+ items (very easy to reach) when delivered to a commercial address (school, church, business…etc).

Excellent Fundraising Support

We have email and phone support for any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the fundraising process….Giving Bean is here for you!

10+ Years and 1,000’s Served!

We have the experience and knowledge to make your fundraiser great! No matter what, your group can expect fundraising success with Giving Bean.

With Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program your group will earn 40% profit from the Traditional and Express fundraising methods, and 25% in the Webstore. Every sale is tracked, attributed, and reported by each member for both order-form and online sales. There are no startup costs, easy step-by-step instructions, fast shipping, online support, and phone support.

In addition, we offer a ‘show and sell’ option.This is an order of (usually 50+) items that you sell on-hand of a few of Giving Bean’s most popular coffees and teas. “Show and Sells” are a great way to spark interest in the products and your fundraiser. This is normally done at a church or other event during or around the time of your order-form fundraiser. Speak with one of our fundraising support person to get suggestions on products and methods.

Bean Patches

We also have gold, silver and bronze bean patches as incentives for scouts available in our webstore!




Environmentally Friendly - All Natural Commitment

Clean Emissions, Compost & Responsible Packaging


Our roasting process uses a low-energy custom made “smokeless after-burner” that helps reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact in a number of ways.

We recycle all materials eligible, and compost all chaff which is a by product of roasted coffee beans (great for vegetable and flower gardens). We are one of only a few coffee roasters packaging their whole beans in PLA-lined (corn-based) recycled craft paper bags that are fully compostable.

We employ clean, re-used filler, bubble-wrap and other packing materials. We also offer several reusable products for sale (k-kup filters and T-infusers) that help reduce trash volume for our coffee and tea-loving customers.

Learn about our story and all about our products:

Our Story & Our Products