How many cups does one bag of your coffee make?

A 12oz bag makes 36-42 cups depending on how strong you like your coffee!

How many cups does one bag of your tea make?

Our bags of tea have a lot of tea in them – 4oz makes about 50-60 cups.

How many cups does one bag of your cocoa or chai make?

Each 12oz bag makes about 8-12 cups depending on how you’d like it to taste. We suggest 2-4 tablespoons of dry mix per cup.

Do you have ingredient lists and nutritional information for your products?

Yes, we do! You can find all of that info here 🙂

What does your coffee taste like?

We’re a small batch roaster serving coffee fanatics that insist on the freshest and  finest. Our main three blends range in profile from medium roast “bright” to darker roast “full‐body”. We also have many single origin coffees that have subtle profile differences. If your group is interested please request a sample!

Do you have k-kups?

Yes! We do!

Do you sell ground and whole bean?

Yes, both are available!

Do your k-kups work in my k-kup machine?

Our k-kups are compatible with all standard single serve cup brewing machines, including keurig 2.0.

Do you have espresso?

Espresso refers to the method of brewing and grind of coffee rather than the type of coffee bean. The roast commonly used for espresso is a dark roast or french roast so we recommend using any of our dark roast coffees.

What is best flavor/kind of coffee for iced coffee? What is the best flavor for iced tea?

All of our coffees and teas are great iced. Some of our favorites are Caramel Creme, French Vanilla,  Ethiopian Harar, and Sunrise Breakfast. Teas: Red Berry, Paradise Passion, and Green Tea Mango.

How long is the tea good for?

If you keep the tea in a sealed bag in a cool dry place it’s good for two years.

When does my coffee expire?

All moisture is removed from the coffee beans during the roasting process, so your coffee can never really ‘go bad’. A sealed bag of coffee can pretty much last forever, once you open the bag quality and freshness decrease.

Do you have all-natural products?

Giving bean is committed to bringing you the most natural products we can. All of our cocoa and chai as well as shortbread and biscotti recipes are made with all natural ingredients.

Does coffee/tea make a good gift?

It sure does! Our high quality coffee or tea makes the perfect gift for any occasion and is something everyone loves (as long as they drink coffee or tea).

Do you have monthly subscriptions?

Yes, we do! We will deliver fresh coffee to your home of office every 4, 6 or 8 weeks and this subscription will provide consistent support to your cause! Visit our online store to sign up.


Are there any fees, minimum commitments, or requirements to purchase coffee up front?

No minimums or upfront costs for order form sales. Generally orders are taken first from supporters and then delivered by your members, BUT we do support “show and sell” (product‐in‐hand sales) and can guide you as to what to order for this purpose. Then, shipping is free for both order form sales and show and sells for 50+ items delivered to a commercial address (school, church, non-residential biz).

How much can we expect to make?

Order form sales render the biggest fundraising dollars at 40% profit and with webstore sales you receive 25% profit on most items.

How long after we place our group order do we receive the coffee?

About 7-14 business days for you to receive the products. (2-10 days for store orders)

Is there a shipping cost?

FREE shipping on over 50 bags to a church, school or business. There is a surcharge for residential delivery of $5.00 per box  (50 items per box).

How does your pricing compare?

Giving Bean coffee offers exceptional quality and value as a fundraising product. Comparable coffees (freshness being the exception) can be found at fine coffee shops. Our price includes custom labels, fresh roasting, and 40%  profit for your group. We believe in delivering excellent quality at a fair value, enticing your supporters to return for more. That’s what we’re all about!

How do we figure out how much we earn from our fundraiser?

This is all done for you, down to the seller level. You’ll get a report with your invoice telling you who sold what and how much they raised.

Does Giving Bean do “Show and Sells”?

Yes, we do! You can order anything you’d like ahead of time and make 40% profit just like a traditional fundraiser. Any products you have left over can be used to fulfill your traditional order form sales. Our fundraising support people can advise you on the best selection/mix of items. We now accept cards for show and sells without a fee and therefore require payment for them up front.

You offer customized labels, what can I put on them?

You put whatever you want on your labels! Your group’s logo will look great on the labels. To ensure you get what you want on your label please send us your logo or image as either a PNG, JPEG, or PDF. Something to keep in mind when selecting your logo or image for the label is that the image will go in a circle on our label that has a white background.

I’d like to try the coffee before committing to Giving Bean, do you offer samples?

Yes, we can mail to you a 4 oz (enough coffee for a couple of pots) sample of our most popular flavor, Sunrise Breakfast Blend! If you would like us to mail you the 4 oz sample, please request a brochure at online and let us know in the comments section of the form. Please also provide an address to mail the sample.


How soon can I start an order form fundraiser?

Immediately. Just register and tell us when you would like to distribute the order forms (start date) and end date (when you’d like to conclude in‐person selling). Online fundraising will be activated automatically, and you’ll receive a special link to a web page for your group.

What else do I have to do?

Having a plan to get your group out to sell is very important. Objectives and incentives for  sellers do work when done properly. We will give you some ideas. Selling time?…We suggest 2‐4 weeks. Everything else is ready, (forms, selling instructions, order system, fulfillment, and reporting).

I signed up for a fundraiser, now what?

You will be sent a series of emails with detailed instructions on what to do next!

I signed up and want to start my fundraiser as soon as possible, how do I get order forms?

We always try to send the order forms out to you right away once you confirm the amount you need. After that it will take a few days to a week to receive your order forms in the mail. If you are on a time crunch for starting your Giving Bean fundraiser we will send you a link to our digital order form as well as a PDF file of our paper order form so you can print out the order forms yourself and start right away!


I need more order forms than I thought, what should I do?

Depending on how much time you have, we will gladly send you more order forms. If you are short on time, we will provide you with a PDF version of the order form you can print out.


Is coffee roasting a green process?

Giving Bean does as much as possible to reduce it’s resource consumption and be environmentally friendly. Our roasting process uses a low-energy custom made “smokeless after-burner” that helps reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact in a number of ways.

Do you recycle?

We recycle all materials eligible and even compost the chaff which is a by product of roasted coffee beans (great for vegetable and flower gardens). We are one of only a few coffee roasters packaging their whole beans in PLA-lined (corn-based) recycled craft paper bags that are fully compostable. Giving Bean employs clean, re-used filler, bubble-wrap and other packing materials (but not boxes generally). We also offer several reusable products for sale (k-kup filters and T-infusers) that help reduce trash volume for our coffee and tea loving customers.