Wrestling Club Fundraisers

Wrestling clubs often need fundraisers to support their activities and cover various expenses associated with the sport. Finding a good fundraiser to help cover the costs of equipment, gear, facility rental and maintenance, tournament and league fees, coaching costs, training costs, travel costs, medical and first aid supplies, while also having the time to focus on the sport is extremely important so its essential you find a fundraiser that is easy to setup and run.

Giving Bean can be a successful fundraiser for wrestling clubs because of the combination of a quality product, broad appeal (everyone loves coffee and tea!), potential for repeat customers, and competitive profit margins. Your wrestling club will make 40% with order form fundraising and 25% in the webstore The webstore is a wonderful option for supporters who no not live nearby or repeat customers throughout the year. Giving Bean is easy to start and run, and there are no startup costs or minimums. Our coffee bags also feature your clubs logo on the bag labels for free!