Organizations of all kinds need to raise funds and what better way than through Giving Bean?

Giving Bean is a small batch, high quality coffee roaster and tea blender dedicated to your need for a simple and rewarding fundraiser.

Everyone loves great coffee and tea and Giving Bean’s online fundraising is the perfect option for your group to safely and easily raise funds!Online fundraising eliminates the need for face-to-face selling, and physical handling of order forms and payments! All it requires is for you to “spread to word,” which can easily be done through social media and email!

Plus, it stays active all…year-round, and ships directly to homes or offices.

Supporters simply use your provided link or select your group name to purchase from Giving Bean’s large selection of fine coffees, teas and other treats.

Funds build in your account while you are notified with each order placed, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up your organization! You’ll receive 25% on most items and there are also subscription options that raise funds through repeat orders automatically.