Venture Crew Fundraisers

VENTURECREWWEBVenture Crews focus on activities that are challenging and adventurous to help its members acquire specific skills. Some of these areas include  high adventure, sports, art and other hobbies, as well as sea scouting. These scouts benefit immensely from being able to do the activities they train and learn from, and that is why Venture Crew fundraisers are necessary.

Giving Bean is dedicated to helping Venture Crews reach their fundraising goals by selling a product that is desirable.  Since most people drink coffee or tea everyday, Venture Crew fundraisers with Giving Bean are a breeze. From freshly roasted coffee, artisan loose leaf teas, to all natural gourmet cocoa and chai, there is something for everyone. Your crew will make 40% from your order form fundraiser and 25% from the webstore portion. The webstore option is great for friends and family that live far away but still want to support your cause.

Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is easy and effective. Perfect anytime or even several times a year, we are here to make fundraising easy. There are no startup costs, step by step instructions, and online support. Giving each scout a certain number of products to sell will help your crew meet or even exceed your goals.