Trail Life USA Fundraisers

Like many scouting organizations, Trail Life USA is responsible for raising the funds they need for outdoor adventures, building character, and leadership development. These characteristics help the boys become the best scouts they can be. Finding the perfect fundraiser for your troop is hard. Many fundraisers require you to pay upfront and it can be difficult to find something you actually want to sell. Trail Life USA fundraisers are nothing new to Giving Bean though, and we have the experience to help your troop reach their fundraising goals. Our fundraiser will check all of your boxes!

Giving Bean is an easy and effective fundraiser with no startup costs and 40% profit from order form sales, always. With Giving Bean, we offer no hidden costs or leftover products. Which means you get all of your profit with no deductions for leftover products. We also feature an webstore component where you earn 25% profit on most items. It runs at the same time as your paper fundraiser or after it ends year-round. That way your  friends and family that don’t live in your area can still contribute to your group’s fundraising efforts. Our freshly roasted coffee, artisan teas, and all natural gourmet cocoa and chai are products that people use everyday.

Highly motivated troops can do extremely well, one of Giving Bean’s top sellers is a Trail Life Troop! It helps to assign a certain number of products to each Troop member to sell. That way you can easily attain your goal, participation is key. Giving Bean’s Coffee fundraiser is great to do anytime as well as multiple times a year. Our fundraiser is also great to run with any other annual fundraiser you participate in.