Theater Production Fundraisers

theater production fundraisersTheater production fundraisers are very important for many organizations since the arts are usually one of the first things to be cut from a school budget. Theater arts are very beneficial to communities. They enrich the lives of the people connected to and involved in them. Raising funds shouldn’t be difficult or create headaches since you have so much to do already.

Giving Bean makes it easy for these types of organizations to effectively and quickly raise funds. Most of the funds are used for costumes, props, set construction and obtaining the rights for plays, etc. With our order form fundraisers, you will make 40% profit! You’ll also make 25% from webstore fundraising. Innovative webstore fundraising is perfect for friends and family that don’t live in the immediate area but still wish to support your fundraising efforts.

Giving Bean also has the option of a ‘show and sell’. A ‘show and sell’ features 50 or so assorted coffees and teas in our most popular flavors. This is the perfect thing to sell during an intermission. It’s an easy way to boost sales and show people the products they will be buying. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is easy, effective and perfect any time of year…or even several times a year to support your theater productions!