Scouts BSA

Giving Bean has been working with all sizes of Scouts BSA Troops with great success since we started selling our fresh roasted coffee over 15 years ago. In fact, our founder is an Assistant Scout Master and Camping Director who originally designed Giving Bean for the specific needs of Scout Troops and Packs.

Scouts BSA does not have an official national product fundraiser like cookies. Although popcorn sales are regionally supported, scouts need to find ways to successfully raise funds that support the cost of camping equipment, dues, summer camps, and weekend camping expenses.

Giving Bean is a well-designed and easy-to-start fundraiser with exceptional products that people use everyday! With freshly roasted coffee, artisan loose leaf teas, gourmet cocoa and chai, k-kups, and shortbread cookies, there is something for everyone!

Giving Bean is a fundraiser you can run anytime of the year or several times per year. Most do 1 or 2 order form sales a year and keep the webstore sales running year-round. If you are not experienced in fundraising or your troop is not a “fundraising machine,” we can provide guidance to help you reach your goals. Troops that have a fairly disciplined approach to fundraising do exceedingly well with Giving Bean.

We currently work with many Scouts BSA troops who use us as their main fundraiser. Also, many troops use Giving Bean as a supplemental fundraiser to the popcorn scout fundraisers. With Giving Bean, all of your profits will go to your troop, not just a portion. You will make 40% profit with order form sales, as well as 25% profit on most items selling in the webstore from friends and family who wish to support your group but don’t live nearby. We have troops making over $4,000 per year!

Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser also provides a wonderful learning experience and opportunity for character building for your scouts. They will learn how to properly present themselves, state their mission, and leave a favorable impression! This is truly so valuable in the development of our scouts.