Research Initiatives

Research Initiative Fundraising

Embarking on groundbreaking research projects is an exhilarating journey. Securing funds for research initiatives often creates hurdles that demand efforts from passionate individuals & dedicated teams. Giving Bean is here to help!

In a landscape where every dollar is crucial, Giving Bean offers a streamlined approach to fundraising for research projects. With a diverse product range, including freshly roasted coffee, artisan teas, gourmet cocoa, and more, Giving Bean stands as a beacon of simplicity in the fundraising realm.

The 40% profit from order form sales and 25% from webstore purchases provide a substantial financial boost for research initiatives, extending support beyond the local area and allowing for convenient reorders.

research project and cup of coffee
  • 40% margin from order form sales
  • 25% from webstore purchases

Navigating the complexities of fundraising becomes more manageable with Giving Bean’s vibrant glossy order forms and specialized ordering and reporting system. The flexibility to initiate the fundraiser at any time, coupled with the year-round online webstore, enhances the potential for total sales.

No startup costs, detailed instructions, prompt shipping & online support!

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Giving Bean, ensuring that your research initiatives can focus on pushing the boundaries of knowledge without the added burden of fundraising complexities.