Public School Fundraising

Public School Fundraising

Fundraising for public schools is a shared challenge that involves students, teachers, parents, and the entire school community. The traditional methods often bring complexities that demand extensive efforts from everyone involved. In the collaborative effort to support educational initiatives, Giving Bean presents a refreshingly simple approach.

The diverse product range, featuring freshly roasted coffee, artisan teas, gourmet cocoa, and more, not only provides a delicious treat for supporters but also ensures a substantial 40% profit from order form sales and 25% from webstore purchases—a significant financial boost for public schools.

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  • 40% margin from order form sales
  • 25% from webstore purchases

The system features vibrant glossy order forms and a specialized ordering and reporting system. Making the fundraising process straightforward for students, teachers, and parents alike. Recognizing the shared challenges faced by the public school community, Giving Bean was crafted to be a user-friendly and effective fundraising tool.

No startup costs, detailed instructions, prompt shipping & online support!

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Giving Bean, ensuring that public schools can surpass their fundraising goals without unnecessary complexities. With no startup costs, detailed instructions, prompt shipping, and online support, Giving Bean becomes the catalyst that transforms the fundraising landscape for public schools, providing a unified and straightforward path to financial success.