PTSO Fundraisers

PTSOWEB4Parent Teacher Student Organizations are vital to schools helping parents and teachers support and discuss student’s issues, concerns, and ideas. PTSO fundraisers are important to support activities for students. Giving Bean has years of experience helping PTSOs raise the funds they need.

With freshly roasted small batch coffee, artisan teas, and all-natural gourmet cocoa, Giving Bean is hard to resist! There is something for everyone. Since many people use coffee or tea on a daily basis, Giving Bean’s products are easy to sell. With our order form coffee sales you will make 40% profit, as well as 25% profit from webstore sales for any friends and family who wish to support you but don’t live in your area. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is the perfect fundraiser to run anytime or even several times a year. Unlike other fundraisers, Giving Bean makes a good last minute fundraiser because it’s so easy to set up! Finally, like with most things, participation is key. Assigning each person involved in your fundraiser a certain amount of products to sell you will help you reach your goal easily.