PTO Fundraisers

PTOWEBParent Teacher Organizations are important for any school. Unlike PTA which is a national association, PTOs are local organizations. They encourage the volunteerism of parents, teachers and students for welfare of students and families. Parent Teacher Organizations often run activities like bicycle safety, drug awareness, reading programs, pedestrian safety, field trips, and many other activities. In order to help as much as possible, schools need PTO fundraisers to raise the money they need. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is perfect choice for any PTO!

Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is easy and effective with step-by-step instructions, fast shipping, and online support. In addition to those features, we also have great products that are easy to sell. Most people use coffee and tea everyday. We offer freshly roasted coffee, artisan teas, and all natural gourmet cocoa. There is something for everyone to enjoy! With order form fundraising, you will make 40% along with 25% from webstore orders. We provide printed order forms and free customized labels on order form sales because your school’s logo will look great on them! Giving Bean has worked with many PTOs in the past. We can help guide you through having a successful fundraiser anytime of the year!