Prom Fundraisers

PROMWEBProm fundraisers are a great way to make sure your school has a great prom! Whether it’s for prom or a post-prom event Giving Bean is the perfect fundraiser. Freshly roasted coffee, unique artisan teas, and all natural gourmet cocoas are hard to resist. Since most people drink coffee or tea daily, our products are easy to sell. We feature step by step instructions, online support, and fast shipping, making your prom fundraiser as easy and effective as possible.

With Giving Bean’s order form fundraisers, you will make 40% as well as 25% from webstore sales. Giving Bean’s webstore component is a great way to reach out to friends and family who don’t live nearby. Whether you have all year or only a few weeks for your fundraiser, Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is easy to set up and execute. We also offer a ‘show and sell’ which is a great way to spark some interest in your fundraiser. A ‘show and sell’ consists of 50 items in our most popular coffee and tea flavors. It’s the perfect thing to sell during lunches or other events leading up to prom.