Private School Fundraising

Private School Fundraising

Navigating the financial terrain of private schools can be a challenging feat, especially when it comes to fundraising. Private schools often rely on community support to enhance educational experiences, but the complexities of traditional fundraising methods can create significant hurdles. Enter Giving Bean coffee fundraising—a simple and innovative solution crafted by a passionate owner and roaster who understands firsthand the challenges faced by school-aged children in private schools.

Developed with a personal touch, Giving Bean serves as a beacon of simplicity in fundraising. The system is designed to alleviate the burdens associated with raising funds for large groups, such as these educational institutions.

With a diverse product range, including freshly roasted coffee, artisan teas, gourmet cocoa, and more, Giving Bean not only provides a delicious option for supporters but also offers a substantial 40% profit from order form sales and 25% from webstore purchases.

  • 40% margin from order form sales
  • 25% from webstore purchases

The vibrant glossy order forms and specialized ordering and reporting system make organizing and tracking sales a breeze.

No startup costs, detailed instructions, prompt shipping & online support!

Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Giving Bean, ensuring that private schools can thrive financially without the unnecessary complexities of traditional fundraising, and through products that everyone already loves!