Musical Fundraisers

MUSICALSWEBPutting on a good show is often very expensive, especially when funding for the arts is one of the first things to get cut. Costumes, set, and music rights cost money and fundraising is often necessary to cover the cost of musical productions. With so many fundraisers out there it’s hard to find the right fundraiser for your musical production. Giving Bean is perfect for Musical fundraisers for groups of all sizes with products that people use daily. Freshly roasted coffee, unique artisan teas, and all natural gourmet cocoa are hard to resist. There is something for everyone!

With order form fundraisers you will make 40% as well as 25% from webstore sales. We also offer a ‘show and sell’ of 50 items with a few of our most popular flavors of coffee and tea. It’s a great way to continue to raise funds during intermission or before or after the show. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is a great way to raise funds any time of the year for your musical fundraisers.