Middle School Fundraisers

MIDDLESCHOOLWEBNo matter the reason, at some point in time your middle school is going to need to do a fundraiser. You might need to raise funds for class trips, field trips, assemblies, new materials, new computers, the list goes on and on. Middle school fundraisers don’t have to be a headache, Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is easy and effective!

Having helped many schools over the years, Giving Bean is an expert in helping your middle school have a successful fundraiser. With no start up costs, step by step instructions, online support, and fast shipping, Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program will be your new favorite fundraiser. Since most people drink coffee or tea daily, our products are easy to sell. Freshly roasted coffee, unique artisan teas, and gourmet all natural cocoa there is something for everyone!

With our order form fundraisers you will make 40% as well as 25% from webstore sales. Our online fundraising is unique because that portion stays open after your order form fundraiser is over. This is a great way to continue raising funds throughout the year from people reordering products. Participation is key for any good fundraiser. A great way to ensure your fundraiser is a success is to have incentives or a competition between classes to see who sells the most. We also offer free custom labels that will look great with your school’s logo on them!