Home School Fundraisers

HOMESCHOOLWEBHome schoolers don’t have the same resources or equipment  that are often available in schools. Not all parents have the ability to provide their students with the equipment they need to enrich their learning experience. In those cases, home school fundraisers  are a necessary effort for things like a microscope or field trips. There are tons of fundraisers out there that require large groups to be successful, which isn’t going to work for smaller groups of home schoolers.  Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is great for home school fundraisers of all sizes.

In our experience, the size of the group doesn’t matter as much as how motivated the group is. The more motivation and participation the more successful your fundraiser will be. If you are already on a budget Giving Bean has no startup costs, we only send you what you sell. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser has products that people use everyday, making them an easy buy. It’s hard to resist freshly roasted coffee, unique artisan teas, and all natural gourmet cocoas. Therefore, there is something for everyone!

We also provide you with step by step instructions, fast shipping, and online support. Many home school fundraisers only have traditional paper order forms, which might not be the best fundraising option for a home school association. Since home schooled children are more spread out. Giving Bean has a webstore fundraiser option where you make 25%. If it’s possible for your group to run an order form fundraiser, you will make 40% along with the 25% from webstore sales. Giving Bean’s webstore fundraiser is a great way to raise funds without having to be in one place to run a successful fundraiser.

If there is a specific thing your child wants to raise funds for Giving Bean is also a great fundraiser for individuals.  Giving Bean’s Coffee fundraiser is the perfect option for homeschoolers, and the perfect fundraiser anytime of the year!