High School Fundraisers

Many high schools often need to raise funds for things such as prom events, class events, new computers or supplies, field trips, class trips, and so on. Fundraising is a great way to offset costs that are usually put on students. High School fundraisers that are not the “same old thing” are hard to find – look no further than Giving Bean’s unique coffee fundraiser!

Giving Bean’s freshly roasted coffee, delicious artisan teas, and gourmet all-natural cocoa are hard to resist. Since most people drink coffee or tea daily, our products are easy to sell. We also feature step-by-step instructions, online support, no start up costs, and fast shipping! Your high school will make 40% profit with order form fundraising, as well as 25% on most items in the webstore. Our webstore fundraiser is a great way to reach friends and family that don’t live near by. The webstore component also stays open even after your order form fundraiser is over, so your supporters can reorder their favorite items all year long and benefit your school!

As with most things, participation is key for your fundraiser. Assigning each students a certain number of items to sell with help you meet your goals. Adding incentives is a great way to drive motivation and spur some sales! We also offer free custom labels for order form sales that will look great with your high school’s logo on them!