High School Club Fundraisers

HIGHSCHOOLWEBHigh School Clubs are a great way for kids to explore their interests and further their learning. These clubs often don’t have the funding for activities. So, to provide the experiences they want, members often have to use their own money. High school club fundraisers with Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is a great option to raise the funds for experiences and activities that clubs are all about!

Many fundraisers require you to buy a certain amount of product to sell or seem very complicated and daunting. However, Giving Bean is a great fundraiser for both large and small groups. Giving Bean’s fundraising model is easy and has no startup costs. It’s super quick to set up and can provide funds for a last minute event or trip, for example. You will earn 40% profit with order form fundraising as well as 25% profit from the webstore. Many clubs have also have success with webstore-only fundraisers, which allows them to earn steady funds without all of the footwork of a paper fundraiser.

Some examples of clubs we have worked with in the past are Art Club, Anime Club, French Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Travel Club, Color Guard, Debate Teams, DECA, Honor Society, Drama Club, Science Club, History Club, Filipino Club, Deaf Club, Literary Magazines, AWARE Club, International Club, Psychology Club, Running Club, Photography Club, Robotics Club, Quiz Bowl, Equestrian Team… and much, much more!