Fraternity Fundraisers

FRATERNITYWEBPart of being in a fraternity is to raise money for charities or to help the community. While many fraternities have donors, fundraising is going to be necessary at some point for donations, fraternity events, house maintenance, and dues. Giving Bean is perfect for fraternity fundraisers.

Giving Bean’s freshly roasted coffee, unique artisan teas, and gourmet all -natural cocoas are hard to resist – there is something for everyone! Giving Bean has no start up costs, step-by-step instructions, online support, and fast shipping. Giving Bean is easy, effective, and simple to execute. It’s a great fundraiser to do anytime of the year or even for some last minute fundraising before an event.

With order form coffee fundraising, you will make 40% profit as well as 25% profit from webstore sales. Our online webstore fundraising component is great for reaching friends, family, and fraternity alumni who wish to support your fundraiser but don’t live nearby. This webstore portion also remains open even after your order form fundraiser is completed, so you can continue to earn funds throughout the year. That way people can also reorder their favorite products and continue to support your fraternity.