Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activity Fundraising

Extracurricular activities, often find themselves in need of funds for various purposes such as club events, transportation, tournament fees, and supporting students in gaining valuable experience. These activities can demand significant effort from club members. Therefore, a straightforward and effective fundraiser featuring appealing products is essential for any club or group! Giving Bean emerges as the ideal fundraising solution for a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Participating teams can benefit from a 40% profit through our order form fundraising and 25% from webstore sales, extending support beyond the local area and allowing for convenient product reorders. Our vibrant glossy order forms facilitate efficient order gathering, with submissions managed seamlessly through our specialized ordering and reporting system at the fundraiser’s conclusion. The flexibility to initiate the fundraiser at any time, coupled with the year-round online webstore, enhances the potential for total sales.

  • 40% margin from order form sales
  • 25% from webstore purchases

Giving Bean offers an easily initiated and diverse product range—featuring freshly roasted coffee, artisan loose-leaf teas, gourmet cocoa & chai, k-cups, and cookies—making it a well-structured and accessible fundraiser adaptable for year-round use. It caters to both seasoned and less experienced fundraising groups.

No startup costs, detailed instructions, prompt shipping & online support!

With no startup costs, detailed instructions, prompt shipping, and online support, Giving Bean streamlines and maximizes fundraising efforts for any club or group. Whether running a fundraiser once or multiple times a year, Giving Bean proves to be an effective tool in helping extracurricular activities achieve their financial goals.