Dance Team Fundraisers

DANCETEAMWEBJust like sports teams, dance teams need to raise funds for costumes, outfits, and even studio space. Giving bean is here to help with an  easy and effective dance team fundraisers with no startup costs.

We offer products that people use everyday, coffee and tea, making it an easy sell. We offer fresh small batch roasted coffee, unique artisan teas, and gourmet all natural cocoa, there is something for everyone! Giving Bean’s coffee fundraisers will help you earn 40% as well as 25% from webstore sales. Online fundraising is a great way friends and family who don’t live in the area to support your group.

Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is here to help you throughout your fundraising process to make it as simple as possible with step by step instructions, online support, and fast shipping. To make your fundraising goals seem as attainable as possible it helps to assign each member of your dance team to sell a certain number of products. This helps you easily reach your goals. We also offer free customization of labels which will look great with your logo on them!