Cub Scout Fundraisers

cub scout fundraisersCub Scouts have wonderful success with Giving Bean coffee and tea fundraising. Giving Bean’s sensible broad-appeal helps Cub Packs raise funds to help cover the costs of trips, equipment, and helping serve their communities. Giving Bean has provided Cub Scout fundraisers for a decade now.

Packs make 40% profit with order form sales and 25% profit on most items using the webstore. Giving Bean is simple, easy, and quick to execute. We offer products that supporters of cub scout fundraisers love and use everyday (and will order more of). From freshly roasted coffee and k-cups, to artisan loose leaf teas, all-natural gourmet cocoas and shortbread cookies, there is something anyone can enjoy!

Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program works great as a main fundraiser as well as a supplemental fundraiser to other annual fundraisers. There are no startup costs and Giving Bean works well anytime of the year because most people drink coffee or tea everyday.

Unlike other fundraisers that require you to sell what you buy, Giving bean only sends you what you’ve already sold. This means your pack will have no leftover products or depleted profits. To help boost your sales, we do offer a ‘Show and Sell’ option for events during your sale as well. We have a recommended list of a few of the most popular flavors of coffee and tea.

Assigning a certain number of products to sell to each member of your pack is a sure way to meet or exceed your fundraising goals. We currently work with many packs who have met or exceeded fundraising targets. Any size pack has the opportunity to be successful!