College Organization Fundraisers

COLLEGEORGWEBCollege organizations of all kinds like clubs or groups may find themselves in need of a fundraiser from time to time. While colleges often provide clubs with some funding, it still might not be enough for events, field trips, t-shirts, and so on. College organization fundraisers with Giving Bean are easy and effective.

No matter how big or small, Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program works well with any group size. No start up costs, step by step instructions, online support and fast shipping are just some of our features. Our products are easy to sell since most people use them daily. Freshly roasted coffee, unique artisan teas, and gourmet all natural cocoa and chai are hard to resist. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

With our order form fundraisers you will make 40% as well as 25% from webstore orders. Our online fundraising component is great for year round fundraising since people can reorder their favorite products. Its also great for reaching people who wish to support your group but don’t live nearby.