Church Fundraisers

Sometimes not every member is able to donate to their church. Fundraisers are a great way to help churches financially. Funds for things such as mission trips, youth groups, religious education, youth camp, retreats and other church programs can sometimes be expensive, so it’s important to have a fundraiser that raises enough money to help cover all of these costs to support your church and it’s efforts.

Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser offers a wide array of products that people love and want to buy. Our gourmet coffee is roasted fresh, our tea is custom blended, and we have our own amazing cocoa and chai mixes. We also have shortbread cookies, so there is something for everyone!

Churches have a lot to coordinate. In addition to their many programs, they also give back to the community with missions and volunteer work. There is little time to waste, so it’s important for church fundraisers to be easy-to-start, coordinate and follow.

Giving Bean has no start-up costs. You can start a fundraiser any time, on your schedule. We will walk you through your entire fundraising process step-by-step and provide your sellers with pre-printed order forms to take orders on. You will make 40% profit with order form sales and 25% profit in our webstore year-round. You can run both an order form and a webstore fundraiser simultaneously if you’d like! Our webstore fundraiser is great for out-of-town relatives who’d like to support your church and it’s community efforts. At the end of your fundraiser, you will enter orders with a special ordering and reporting system, so there is no paperwork! Shipping is free if you deliver to your church and order 50 or more items, very easy to reach!

In addition, we offer a ‘show and sell’ option. This is an order of (usually 50+) items of a few of Giving Bean’s most popular coffees and teas. “Show and Sells” are a great way to spark interest in the products and your fundraiser. This is normally done at a church event during or around the time of your order form fundraiser.