Chorus Fundraisers

CHOURSESWEBChoruses have a lot of expenses: travel costs, costumes, and music rights among other things. Chorus fundraisers are often necessary for choruses to be able to do the activities and go where they want for competitions.

It’s hard to find an effective fundraiser that fits all your needs as well as having a desirable product. Giving Bean’s freshly roasted coffee, amazing artisan loose teas, and all natural gourmet cocoas are an easy sell. This is especially relevant, since most people use these products daily. There are no startup costs and no leftover products that didn’t sell. Easy startup, step by step instructions, and online support Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is perfect for chorus fundraisers.

You will earn 40% of the profits from order form fundraisers and 25% from webstore sales. The online portion is a great way for friends and family that live far away to help support your group. Both large and small choruses have been very successful with Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser. It is especially helpful if you assign each chorus member a certain number of products to sell. This way  you can easily reach your fundraising goals. A great opportunity for fundraising is during a concert intermission. We offer a ‘Show and Sell’  which is a of a variety of our most popular items. This is the perfect way to boost sales while completing your fundraiser.