Children's Charity Fundraisers

Children’s charities are important because children in need do not have the means to support themselves. Children are often too young so they don’t have control over the situation they are in. Charities use funds to help the countless children who are less fortunate and at risk. The more funds children’s charities have, the more support they can give for thing such as terminal illness treatments, education, nutrition, and much more.

Charities don’t always receive an adequate amount of funding, so they rely heavily on fundraisers and donations. Additionally, a lot of work goes into running and coordinating everything else children’s charities. Funds are not something that should hold back charities from doing good work. Therefore, it’s important to have a fundraiser that brings in enough funds to do the work they wish to do, but also a fundraiser that is easy to run, so that it doesn’t take away from all the other charitable work to be done!

Giving Bean is the perfect coffee fundraising program for children’s charities. It’s extremely easy to start, coordinate and run. Giving Bean offers products everyone needs and wants, so selling not a problem. Start any time, on your schedule, and run multiple times a year if you’d like! Your charity will make 40% profit with our order form fundraisers and 25% online. You can run both simultaneously and boost your profits. Our webstore fundraiser stays open year-round, perfect for customers who loved the coffee and would like to order more while supporting your charity throughout the year!