Cheerleading Fundraisers

CHEERLEADINGWEB2Cheerleading is one of the most expensive sports out there. Competitive cheerleading can rack up quite a bill with uniforms, practice outfits, warm up clothes, tumbling classes, competition registration, and travel expenses. Even school cheerleading teams can have a lot of expenses. A good way to offset these costs is with cheerleading fundraisers at Giving Bean.

Many fundraisers require the bulk purchase of a product in advance which means if there are leftovers it depletes your profits. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is a great option for cheerleading fundraisers. We have no startup costs, step-by-step instructions, fast shipping, and online support, Giving Bean is here for you. We also have something for everyone on our order form: freshly roasted coffee, fabulous artisan teas, and all-natural gourmet cocoas are hard to resist.

Most people drink coffee and tea daily so Giving Bean is an easy sell. With order form fundraising, you will make 40% profit along with 25% profit on webstore sales. Our online portion is unique in that it stays open even after your fundraiser is completed. That way friends and family who don’t live near you can still like to support your squad.

Giving Bean is the perfect fundraiser to do anytime or several times before big events and competitions throughout the year. Participation is key and having each member of the squad sell a certain number of products will help you easily reach your goals in no time at all.