Baseball Team Fundraisers

BASEBALLWEBTraditionally, many baseball teams and leagues sell candy to raise money for uniforms, equipment, traveling and so on. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is a fresh take on baseball team fundraisers! We have no startup costs unlike typical candy fundraisers and no left over product. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser is easy and effective, has step-by-step instructions, quick shipping, and online support. With order form fundraising, you will make 40% profit, along with 25% profit from online sales. Our online portion is a great way for friends and family who live far away to support your team. Giving Bean products are an easy sell because most people drink coffee or tea daily. We have something for everyone: freshly roasted coffee, amazing artisan teas, and all-natural gourmet cocoa. We also offer free customized labels that will look great with your team’s logo on it.