Art Club Fundraisers

art club fundraisersArt clubs are a great after school activity or hobby that are beneficial to the people involved as well as the community. They often participate in community projects by doing window painting or murals. They are also great for doing other projects that there might now be time for during school. Art clubs often don’t have a big budget.They  require its members to contribute their own money towards  projects and museum trips. Art club fundraisers are necessary and Giving Bean is just the thing to help raise the funds your club needs.

Fundraising is important to help art clubs do activities without the stress of finding the funds to do them. Giving Bean is the perfect coffee fundraising program to help art clubs reach their funding goals. Clubs will make 40% from order form fundraisers as well as 25% from the webstore component. Small groups can be just as successful as large groups they key is focus and participation. If each member of the club sell a certain number of products your goal will be easily met. This fundraiser is perfect to run once or multiple times a year. The online fundraiser stays open even after your paper fundraiser has concluded. Which gives people who support your group the opportunity to continue their support by reordering their favorite products.