Animal Charity Fundraisers

Animal charities do important work because the recipients don’t have voices of their own. Rescues and shelters take in animals, care for them, and try to find them new loving homes. Animal charity fundraisers are critical because with ample funds, they can care for and help more animals.

Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is a wonderful way to help your animal charity. With no startup costs, step-by-step instructions, and online support, Giving Bean is an easy and quick way to start raising funds. Using an order form, you will make 40% profit, while also earning 25% profit from webstore sales that ship directly to homes and offices. You can run both at once, or run a webstore-only sale. Our webstore portion is unique because people who don’t live nearby can still support your cause and have their order shipped directly to them and it stays open year-round for reorders. With freshly roasted coffee, fabulous artisan teas, and all -natural gourmet cocoa, there is something for everyone!