American Heritage Girl Fundraisers

American Heritage Girl fundraisers are very important because they provide each Troop with funds for general expenses and the many activities they sponsor. Over the past 20 years, the American Heritage Girls organization has grown immensely. AHG provides girls with the opportunity for leadership and character development that is christian value-based and rooted in faith.

Finding American Heritage Girl fundraisers that are easy to execute, with a product that potential supporters desire can be difficult. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraiser helps take the headache out of raising funds through excellent product quality and simple guided methods. Everyone loves coffee and tea!

Your Troop will earn 40% profit with order form sales and 25% profit on most items in the Webstore. Every sale is tracked, attributed, and reported by member (scout) for both order form and webstore sales.

Webstore fundraising helps your Troop reach any friends and family that don’t live in your area but would still like to support your Troop. There are no startup costs or minimums, easy step-by-step instructions, fast shipping, online support, and phone support. You can fund your entire year with Giving Bean!

American Heritage Girl Fundraisers

Giving Bean works with many AHG Troops nationwide for all of their coffee fundraising needs and is a preferred vendor with AHG national! Some Troops have even earned the top spots as Giving Bean best sellers. Highly motivated and focused Troops do very well. Giving Bean offers gold, silver, and bronze iron-on patches as incentives to participate and achieve. One of the best strategies for a successful fundraiser is to request/assign a number of items each girl should sell. Using the patches as incentives for participation and as awards for better than minimum sales will help reach or even exceed your goal Troop fundraising goals.

In addition, we offer a ‘show and sell’ option. This is an order of usually 50+ items of Giving Bean’s most popular coffees and teas. “Show and Sells” are a great way to spark interest in the products and your fundraiser. This is normally done at a church or other event during or around the time of your order form fundraiser. Speak with our fundraising support team to get suggestions on products and methods!