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Organization name WHS SADD
Partner ID   0e1aa
Description/message We are Empower by SADD, a group of high school students against destructive decisions. We are self-supporting. Your support of our coffee fundraiser will help us raise money to bring to our school speakers and programs that discourage drug and alcohol use and empower students to make positive decisions in their lives.
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Promote online fundraising for WHS SADD

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Link 1: Giving Bean - Coffee and Tea fundraiser for WHS SADD

<a href="https://www.givingbean.com/store/home.php?partner=0e1aa" title="Coffee Fundraiser">[ Giving Bean - a coffee fundraiser for WHS SADD]</a>

Link 2: Buying your freshly roasted coffee here helps WHS SADD

<a href="https://www.givingbean.com/store/home.php?partner=0e1aa" title="Giving Bean Coffee Fundraiser">[ Buying your freshly roasted coffee here helps WHS SADD]</a>

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