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Active Fundraising Groups
Sports - Teams, Clubs, Leagues
Greenville Gymnatics Booster Club
11U Tidewater Drillers
AB Cardinals Cheerleading
American Heritage Girls Troop OH1151
Amherst County Boys Soccer
Aroostook Roller Derby
Arundel Music Boosters
AYSO 644 - soccer
Ballard High School Girls Soccer Booster Club
Beans Factor
Bear Creek Bulls Baseball
Beta Sigma Psi, Alpha Chapter (IU)
Biamonte Stables
Birmingham Boys Basketball Team
Bishop Kearney East Irondequoit Ice Hockey Team
Block Island Basketball
Bloomfield Tri Kappa
Boulder Stars Softball
Bowie Powerlifting
Boy Scout Troop 355
Bristol Softball 8U
Bronco Cross Country
Brookings Harbor Youth Football and Cheer
BSA Troop 200 - St Peter's Catholic Church
Burney high cheerleaders
Burton Wrestling
Canandaigua Cheerleading
Capital High Archaeology Club
Center Stage Academy of the Performing Arts Company Team
Central Spirit Revolution Softball
Champion Cheernastics
Charter Oak Cheer
Chaska High School Soccer
cheer zone inc
CheerVille Athletics
Chester County Stars Softball
Chester Jr/Sr High School
CHS Cheer
Class of 2015
Clintonville Wrestling Takedown Booster Club
Club VOS Volleyball Desert Foothills YMCA
Cold Springs youth football/cheer/majorettes
Colorado Hoopsters
Concord Boys Track
Conestoga Rugby
Creswell High School Drama Club
Cub scout pack 3178
Cub Scout Pack 61
Cumberland high school cheerleaders
Dacula Girls T-ball
DC Rollergirls - All Stars
Defense Dogs
Desert Elite Soccer, 01 boys
Desert Wind Riders 4-H
Douglas High School Speech & Debate
Doylestown High School Girls Rugby
Dream Sports Performance
Dunham Boys Baseball
Dutch Fork Band Boosters
Eagle Point High School Softball
East Cobb Yankees
EC Bullets
EHS E-Club
El Toro Football Boosters
Elizabethtown Cheerleading club
Emmaus High School French Club
Encore Elite
EVHS Boys Lacrosse
Fame NY Boosters
FC Panthers
FFA - Weaverville
FFA- Trinity
Forever Dance
Fox Valley Power Soccer
Fredericktown Cheerleading
GaLAXy Ultimate
Gilbert School Cheerleading
GNK Titans Football Cheerleading
Golden City Gymnastics
Grace Christian Academy
Green Mountain HS Foundation Girls Basketball
Hailey Competitive Cheerleading
Hatboro YMCA Twisters' Gymnastic Team
Hawkins Middle School Cheerleading
Health Occupations Students of America
Hollis Brookline HS Girls Tennis
Hubbard Little Eagles
Hun Baseball
Hyde Park Jr. Spartans
ICT Independent Winterguard
Intensity softball 12 & under
Jensen Beach High School Softball
Jets Competition Cheer
Johnson State College Cross Country
K-Highlites Dance Team
Kimball Robotics
Kingston Girls Softball Association
Kinnelon Cross Country
Kutztown Women's Soccer
Lady Titans
Larue Co. Track Boosters
LaWana Girls Softball
Learning Access Institute
Leslies School of Dance
Longmeadow Lancers Basketball
Lynn Haven Chargers Cheerleading
Massaponax High School Lacrosse
Mayo High School Girls Hockey
McLane High School Wrestling
Melody's Dance Studio
Michigan Area Braves
Midlakes Soccer Boosters
Minnesota Crush Baseball
Moore Rainbow Girls-Assembly #202
MSJC Softball
N. E. Miles Jewish Day School
Napa Valley Express Softball
NMU Dance Team
North Alabama Nitro
Northview Titans Baseball
Northwood HS Athletic Boosters
OCS Cross Country
Octorara Jr. High Field Hockey
Ogdensburg public school eight grade class
Ohio County Marching Eagles
OPSA New York - Agnes Kwenthieu
Oxford Houses of Durham County
PACC Gymnastics
Pace Mighty Mites
Peoria Push Derby Dames
Perinton Blades peewee major AAA
Pioneer High School - Pioneer Arts Program
Poseidon Swimming - Hanover
Poynette Fastpitch Organization
Poynette Fastpitch Softball
Poynette Rage Softball Fastpitch
Premier TN Sabres
Prince William Panther Peewee Hockey Team
Prospect Little League
Radnor Cheerleading
Raising Money for Zac's Study in Ireland!
Rancho Mirage Rattlers Tennis Club
Ravena Youth Basketball League
Red Dragon Girls Soccer Team
Regal All Stars Cheer
River City Cheerleading
Riverton Parke Bowling Team
RoboShamrocks (St. Pat's School)
Roosevelt Baseball Club
Runyan Travel Hockey
San Carlos Scorpions Soccer Club
Saranac Lake Girl's Varsity Hockey
SDVBC 16-1
Sea Scout Ship 1701
Sea Wolves Swim Team
Shaker Crew
Shawnee Mission Pilot Club
South Brandywine Football Booster
South Hagerstown Jr Rebels
South Park Europe Trip
Spotlight Studios Cheerleading
Sprayberry HS Swim and Dive Team
Spring-Ford Ice Hockey Club
St John the Baptist School
St Laurence Wrestling
Stafford boys youth football league
Stafford Generals Baseball
Staples High School Girls Lacrosse
Stoughton Youth Hockey Association
Strom Thurmond High School Boys Soccer
Sullivan Central Cross Country
Sullivan Central Soccer Team
TC Jacks Soccer Club
TCS Fundfinders
Texas Shockers Select Baseball
The Western Mass Rebellion
Town and Country Typhoons
Trilogy BMX
Twin Cities Little League of Neenah-Menasha
Two Rivers Roller Derby
UAIS Athletic Program
Venice Lookouts
Viking Baseball
Vision Cycling
Ward Melville Photography Club
Wausau East High School Curling
Webster Lacrosse Club
West Chester Men's Rugby
Westchester United Soccer Club
Win For Youth
Winslow High School Boys Lacrosse Boosters
Wolfpack Rugby Club
Wolverine Gridiron Club
Woodland Softball
Wyoming 307 Soccer
Student Ambassadors, AFS
AAF Central
Ambassadors of Music tour for Nonie Mitchell
Conestoga High School Senior Prom
Fox Valley Chorus of Sweet Adelines
Nation Youth Leadership Forum
People to People
People to People Student Ambassadors - Reilly Kelly
People to People-Ihla
Student Ambassador - Julie Kahumoku
Student Ambassador - Liana Forbes
Student Ambassador - Schweitzer
The World at Your Door
Topeka Wave Teal 10U Girls Softball
Scouting - AHG
AHG Troop FL1512
AHG & TLUSA Troops IL-6122
AHG Troop NC0309
AHG Troop OK1410
AHG Troop AL0226
AHG Troop AL1720
AHG Troop AL7000
AHG Troop AR4001
AHG Troop AZ0015
AHG Troop CA0316
AHG Troop CA0373
AHG Troop CA1012
AHG Troop CA1271
AHG Troop CA5160
AHG Troop CO0513
AHG Troop CO2000
AHG Troop CO4316
AHG Troop CO5280
AHG Troop CO8909
AHG Troop FL0001
AHG Troop FL1203
AHG Troop FL1230
AHG Troop FL1776
AHG Troop Fl2101
AHG Troop FL3130
AHG Troop FL3414
AHG Troop GA0575
AHG Troop GA0593
AHG Troop GA0593
AHG Troop GA0827
AHG Troop GA1148
AHG Troop GA1148
AHG Troop GA1230
AHG Troop GA2300
AHG Troop IA0231
AHG Troop IL0015
AHG Troop IL0516
AHG Troop IL0925
AHG Troop IL1190 & Trail Life USA IL-1190
AHG Troop IL1230
AHG Troop IL2415
AHG Troop IL2911
AHG Troop IL3126
AHG Troop IL6408
AHG Troop IN0334
AHG Troop IN0413
AHG Troop IN1468
AHG Troop IN1611
AHG Troop IN1931
AHG Troop IN1931
AHG Troop IN2003
AHG Troop IN2024
AHG Troop IN2114
AHG Troop IN2324
AHG Troop IN3710
AHG Troop IN4540
AHG Troop KS0252
AHG Troop KS1000
AHG Troop KS1209
AHG Troop KS1690
AHG Troop KS2014
AHG Troop KY0012
AHG Troop KY0412
AHG Troop KY7070
AHG Troop LA0516
AHG Troop LA1504
AHG Troop LA2013
AHG Troop MD0413
AHG Troop MD1410
AHG Troop MD1888
AHG Troop MI1313
AHG Troop MI1313
AHG Troop MI3130
AHG Troop MN-0423 Mankato
AHG Troop MN0100
AHG Troop MN0408
AHG Troop MN0412
AHG Troop MN0913
AHG Troop MN1412
AHG Troop MN1776
AHG Troop MN2011
AHG Troop MO0134
AHG Troop MO0325
AHG Troop MO0516
AHG Troop MO0605
AHG Troop MO121
AHG Troop MO2002
AHG Troop MS0186
AHG Troop MS1029
AHG Troop MS1271
AHG Troop MT0316
AHG Troop NC0103
AHG Troop NC0880
AHG Troop NC1234
AHG Troop NC1715
AHG Troop NC2014
AHG Troop NC4125
AHG Troop NJ0001
AHG Troop NJ0316
AHG Troop NM0356
AHG Troop NM1014
AHG Troop NM2206
AHG Troop NV 0314
AHG Troop NV1864
AHG Troop NY0024
AHG Troop NY0146
AHG Troop NY1618
AHG Troop OH0332
AHG Troop OH0333
AHG Troop OH0377
AHG Troop OH0412
AHG Troop OH0413
AHG Troop OH1020
AHG Troop OH1031
AHG Troop OH1225
AHG Troop OH2168
AHG Troop OH2261
AHG Troop OH3021
AHG Troop OH3210
AHG Troop OH3210
AHG Troop OH3617
AHG Troop OK0339
AHG Troop OK8601
AHG Troop OR0215
AHG Troop OR0613
AHG Troop OR1945
AHG Troop OR2012
AHG Troop PA0247
AHG Troop SC0516
AHG Troop SC0722
AHG Troop SC1776
AHG Troop SC2014
AHG Troop SC2146
AHG Troop TN0215
AHG Troop TN0356
AHG Troop TN0516
AHG Troop TN1180
AHG Troop TN2442
AHG Troop TN3130
AHG Troop TN4031
AHG Troop TX0003
AHG Troop TX0003
AHG Troop TX0191
AHG Troop TX0226
AHG Troop TX0297
AHG Troop TX0312
AHG Troop TX0317
AHG Troop TX0330
AHG Troop TX0334
AHG Troop TX0356
AHG Troop TX0413
AHG Troop TX0516
AHG Troop TX0641
AHG Troop TX0838
AHG Troop TX1001
AHG Troop TX1029
AHG Troop TX1171
AHG Troop TX1221
AHG Troop TX1248
AHG Troop TX1334
AHG Troop TX1508
AHG Troop TX1508
AHG Troop TX1618
AHG Troop TX1618
AHG Troop TX2011
AHG Troop TX2134
AHG Troop TX2756
AHG Troop TX3444
AHG Troop TX4412
AHG Troop TX5413
AHG Troop TX612
AHG Troop TX7356
AHG Troop VA1010
AHG Troop VA1024
AHG Troop VA1027
AHG Troop VA1807
AHG Troop VA1947
AHG Troop VA1976
AHG Troop VA2316
AHG Troop VA3130
AHG Troop WA1227
AHG Troop WI0034
AHG Troop WV0802
AHG Troop WY0134
AHG Troop WY0220
American Heritage Girls CA0267
American Heritage Girls GA3125
American Heritage Girls MI2014
American Heritage Girls MO3125
American Heritage Girls PA3031
American Heritage Girls Troop MI1230
American Heritage Girls Troop MO6506
American Heritage Girls WV1816
Trail Life & AHG Troop TX2407
Trail Life/AHG GA-0003
Scouting - Boy Scouts
BSA Troop 188 - Fort Collins
Andrew St. Amand's Eagle Project
Boy Scout Marley Fuchs - National Jamboree
Boy Scout Troop 113
Boy Scout Troop 177
Boy Scouts of America LHC Troop 209
BSA Justin Fields - world scout jamboree
BSA Philmont Crew 627-202
BSA Sea Scout Ship 2 - Waterbury
BSA Troop - Marietta
BSA Troop 1 - Brewer
BSA Troop 1 - Gaspee Plateau
BSA Troop 10 - Mesa
BSA Troop 100 - Philadelphia
BSA Troop 101 - Kingston
BSA Troop 103 - Canal Winchester
BSA Troop 104 - Krumsville
BSA Troop 104 - Navarre
BSA Troop 1051 - Allen Park
BSA Troop 1053 - Knowlton
BSA Troop 1055 - Tuckahoe
BSA Troop 1062 - Libertytown
BSA Troop 108 - Louisville
BSA Troop 109 - Okemos
BSA Troop 109 - Westfield
BSA Troop 111 - Dayton
BSA Troop 1114 - Magnolia
BSA Troop 114 - Cincinnati
BSA Troop 116 - Kill Devil Hills
BSA Troop 1180 - The Woodlands
BSA Troop 122 - Damascus
BSA Troop 122 - Rochester
BSA Troop 1220 - Godley
BSA Troop 1220 - Godley
BSA Troop 130 - Chestertown
BSA Troop 131- Woodland
BSA Troop 135 - Chambersburg
BSA Troop 136 - Krum
BSA Troop 1372-Manassas Park
BSA Troop 138 - Glenshaw
BSA Troop 14 - Plant City
BSA Troop 1407 - St.Clair Shores
BSA Troop 141 - Jacksonville
BSA Troop 1421 - Ladysmith
BSA Troop 146 - Saint Albans
BSA Troop 147 - Holland
BSA Troop 147 - Ooltewah
BSA Troop 149, Scottsville
BSA Troop 158 - Albion
BSA Troop 158 - Albion
BSA Troop 16 - Franconia
BSA Troop 160 - Des Plaines
BSA TROOP 162 - Jamestown
BSA Troop 164 - Hooper
BSA Troop 166 - Liberty Center
BSA Troop 169 - Barstow
BSA Troop 1699 - Franklin
BSA Troop 17 - San Antonio
BSA Troop 1726 - Montebello
BSA Troop 178 - Independence
BSA Troop 18 - Hesperia Ca
BSA Troop 181 - Paoli
BSA Troop 1811 - Spring, TX
BSA Troop 1823 - Powhatan
BSA Troop 186 - Philmont Crew - Ferdinand
BSA Troop 190 - Leesport
BSA Troop 191 - Avondale
BSA Troop 191 - Kettering
BSA Troop 193 - Limestone
BSA Troop 193 - Limestone
BSA Troop 195 - Somersworth
BSA Troop 198 - Odenville
BSA Troop 1989 - Greenwood
BSA Troop 2 - Hastings
BSA Troop 2 - Riverside
BSA Troop 2010 - Gloucester
BSA Troop 207 - Cumming
BSA Troop 208 - West Haven
BSA Troop 210 - Conneautville
BSA Troop 214 - Milan
BSA Troop 215 - Sheridan/Willamina
BSA Troop 22 - Bradenton
BSA Troop 220 - Lee's Summit
BSA Troop 2222 - Santa Clarita
BSA Troop 226 - Clovis - Portales
BSA Troop 229 - Austin
BSA Troop 237 - Peoria
BSA Troop 239 - Smyrna
BSA Troop 240 - Kissimmee
BSA Troop 243 - Greenfield
BSA Troop 243 - Portage
BSA Troop 244 - New Palestine
BSA Troop 245 - Lauderhill
BSA Troop 251 - Marshall County
BSA Troop 26 - Barnegat
BSA Troop 262 - Cathedral City
BSA Troop 264 - Rockford
BSA Troop 268 - Clermont
BSA Troop 27 - Hedgesville / Berkeley Springs
BSA Troop 270 - Palm Coast
BSA Troop 295 - Morristown
BSA Troop 295 - Morristown
BSA Troop 3 - Beckley
BSA Troop 3 - College Hill
BSA Troop 3 - Torrington
BSA Troop 30 - Rantoul
BSA Troop 300 - Centralia
BSA Troop 3015 - Island
BSA Troop 308 - Sandpoint
BSA Troop 309 - Pittboro
BSA Troop 310 - Weebly
BSA Troop 311 - Venice
BSA Troop 312 - Northwood
BSA Troop 32 - Southington
BSA Troop 320 - Chesapeake
BSA Troop 321 - Saginaw Township
BSA Troop 323 - Land O'Lakes
BSA Troop 327 - Delavan
BSA Troop 33 - Black River
BSA Troop 333 - Pennington Gap
BSA Troop 333 - Wall
BSA Troop 339 - Cayce
BSA Troop 34 - Sanford Florida
BSA Troop 3410 - Bella Vista
BSA Troop 347 - Newington
BSA Troop 35 - Jacksonville
BSA Troop 358 - Ambridge
BSA Troop 360 - New Mexico
BSA Troop 37 - Elverson
BSA Troop 37 - Port Charlotte
BSA Troop 37 - Worcester
BSA Troop 3766 - Siloam Springs
BSA Troop 380 - Mesa
BSA Troop 381 - Hicksville
BSA Troop 39 - Southport
BSA Troop 392 - Grove City
BSA Troop 392 - Grove City
BSA Troop 401 - Auburn
BSA Troop 407 - Jacksonville
BSA Troop 41 - Massena
BSA Troop 410 - Philmont Phunds
BSA Troop 415 - Pemberton
BSA Troop 415 - Pennsacola
BSA Troop 4187 - Elgin
BSA Troop 419 - Arnold
BSA Troop 420 - Westminister
BSA Troop 4234 - Morrow
BSA Troop 425 - Ohioville
BSA Troop 439 - Milton
BSA Troop 440 - Annville
BSA Troop 446 - Eagan
BSA Troop 456 - Lincoln
BSA Troop 46 - Capitol Area Council
BSA Troop 475 - Fort Pierce
BSA Troop 48 - Greece
BSA Troop 49 - Lynnwood
BSA Troop 5 - Bartlesville
BSA Troop 5 - Scott Airforce Base
BSA Troop 502 - Lake Alfred
BSA Troop 515 - Winter Haven
BSA Troop 523 - Sarver
BSA Troop 529 - Defreestville
BSA Troop 530 - Marengo
BSA Troop 537 - Lakewood
BSA Troop 543 - Jamestown
BSA Troop 55 - Billerica
BSA Troop 55 - Spring Grove
BSA Troop 56 - Holbrook
BSA Troop 57 - Clayton
BSA Troop 573 - Great Valley
BSA Troop 58 - Rural Retreat
BSA Troop 60 - Bucyrus
BSA Troop 6016 - Queensbury
BSA Troop 607 - Statesville
BSA Troop 621 - Bath
BSA Troop 621 - Orwigsburg
BSA Troop 627 - Yorkshire
BSA Troop 634 - Rancho Cucamonga
BSA Troop 635 - Wichita
BSA Troop 64 - North York
BSA Troop 65 - Piedmont
BSA Troop 654 - Potterville
BSA Troop 663 - Zion
BSA Troop 68 - Beavercreek
BSA Troop 68 - Laconia
BSA Troop 690 - Lake Isabella
BSA Troop 700 - Nashville
BSA Troop 701 - Brevard
BSA Troop 7082 - Grant
BSA Troop 71 - Albia
BSA Troop 7122
BSA Troop 72 - New Haven
BSA Troop 721 - Lakeland
BSA Troop 725 - Trenton
BSA Troop 727 -  Burlington
BSA Troop 730 - Winston Salem
BSA Troop 740 - Garden City
BSA Troop 743 - Hubert
BSA Troop 77 - Wyckoff
BSA Troop 79 - Peqannock
BSA Troop 793 - Ashland
BSA Troop 793 - Ashland
BSA Troop 799 - Marseilles
BSA Troop 81 - Stafford Springs
BSA Troop 815 - Chicago
BSA Troop 82 - Lehighton
BSA Troop 821 - Romulus
BSA Troop 824 - Sanborn
BSA Troop 83 - Fawn Grove
BSA Troop 83 - NOAC group
BSA Troop 83 - Salem
BSA Troop 831 - Carnegie
BSA Troop 87 - Belgrade
BSA Troop 87 - Bushkill
BSA Troop 899 - West Haven
BSA Troop 9 - Evendale
BSA Troop 9 - West Deptford
BSA Troop 9 - Weymouth
BSA Troop 92 - Toms River
BSA Troop 92 - Warrenton
BSA Troop 92 - Weymouth
BSA Troop 920 - Chicago
BSA Troop 93 - Huntsville
BSA Troop 931 - Seabase Crew 2015
BSA Troop 99 - Brandon's Eagle Project
BSA Troup 296 - Brentwood, Pa
Eagle Project - L.Long
Eagle Project - Matthew Reilly
Germany Backpack Crew 2015
Hart Boy Scouts Troop 1155
Michie Troop 231
Oradell Troop 36 - SeaBase
Order of the Arrow - Arcadia
Scouting - Cub Scouts
Cub Scout & Webelos Pack 86 - Quincy
Cub Scout Pack 001 - Staten Island
Cub Scout Pack 1 - Buttonwoods
Cub Scout Pack 1 - Chepachet
Cub Scout Pack 10 Tiverton/Little Compton, RI
Cub Scout Pack 100 - Marshalls Creek
Cub Scout Pack 102 - Hamlin
Cub Scout Pack 102 - Kunkletown
Cub Scout Pack 102 - Kunkletown
Cub Scout Pack 104 - Lakewood UMC
Cub Scout Pack 106 - Mesa
Cub Scout Pack 108 - Oxford
Cub Scout Pack 1149 - Woodbridge
Cub Scout Pack 116 - Kill Devil Hills
Cub Scout Pack 12 - Galloway
Cub Scout Pack 12 - Malvern
Cub Scout Pack 121 - Odenville
Cub Scout Pack 122 - Rochester
Cub Scout Pack 124 - Phoenix
Cub Scout Pack 128 - Palos Verdes
Cub Scout Pack 130 - Perry Hall
Cub Scout Pack 1324, Hazel Park
Cub Scout Pack 135 of North Plainfield, NJ
Cub Scout Pack 137 - Addison
Cub Scout Pack 137 - Maine
Cub Scout Pack 1372-Manassas Park, VA
Cub Scout Pack 142 - Clayton
Cub Scout Pack 1421 - Ruther Glen
Cub Scout Pack 1423 - Warren
Cub Scout Pack 145, Pemberton/Browns Mills
Cub Scout Pack 151 - Hodgenville
Cub Scout Pack 157 - East Meadow
Cub Scout Pack 157 - Glenshaw
Cub Scout Pack 16, Queensbury
Cub Scout Pack 165 - Gloucester City
Cub Scout Pack 1703 - Troy, MI
Cub Scout Pack 1706 - Martell
Cub Scout Pack 173 - Greece
Cub Scout Pack 175 - Church Hill
Cub Scout Pack 176 - Grand Blanc
Cub Scout Pack 177
Cub Scout Pack 178 - Independence
Cub Scout Pack 182 - Fort Lauderdale
Cub Scout Pack 182 - Throggs Neck
Cub Scout Pack 183 Weston
Cub Scout Pack 190 - Leesport
Cub Scout Pack 192 - New Cumberland
Cub Scout Pack 20 - Boonsboro
Cub Scout Pack 20 - Shelton CT
Cub Scout Pack 20 - The Five Towns
Cub Scout Pack 200 - Dexter
Cub Scout Pack 202 - Pagel's Pack
Cub Scout Pack 202 - West Haven
Cub Scout Pack 202-Pagels School, West Haven
Cub Scout Pack 207 - Pittsburgh
Cub Scout Pack 21 - Old Saybrook
Cub Scout Pack 210 - Powdersville
Cub Scout Pack 232 - Pendleton
Cub Scout Pack 234 - Riverside
Cub Scout Pack 248 - Fairland
Cub Scout Pack 25 - Johnstown
Cub Scout Pack 252 - Beacon
Cub Scout Pack 261 - Front Royal
Cub Scout Pack 263 - Mount Joy
Cub Scout Pack 272 - San Leon/Bacliff
Cub Scout Pack 275 - Colorado Springs
Cub Scout Pack 28 - Morris
Cub Scout Pack 28 - New Windsor
Cub Scout Pack 284 - Lewisbury
Cub Scout Pack 29 - Mobile, AL
Cub Scout Pack 290 - St. Cecilia's
Cub Scout Pack 293 - N Huntington
Cub Scout Pack 296 - West Deptford
Cub Scout Pack 305 - Bowling Green
Cub Scout Pack 3074 - Akron
Cub Scout Pack 3094 - Kendall
Cub Scout Pack 3097 - Blue River Elementary
Cub Scout Pack 3097 - Ossineke
Cub scout pack 310
Cub Scout Pack 310 - Port Charlotte
Cub Scout Pack 3132 - Kentland
Cub Scout Pack 317 - Louisville KY
Cub Scout Pack 3192 - Ventura
Cub Scout Pack 3213, Graysville
Cub Scout Pack 323 Sumter SC
Cub Scout Pack 337
Cub Scout Pack 337 - Pinellas Park
Cub Scout Pack 34 - Apache Junction
Cub Scout Pack 34 - Granby
Cub Scout Pack 34 - Hanson
Cub Scout Pack 3402 - Wadsworth
Cub Scout Pack 3430 - Wabash
Cub Scout Pack 35 - Jacksonville NC
Cub Scout Pack 355 - Glendale Heights
Cub Scout Pack 36 - Conneaut
Cub Scout Pack 36 - Montrose
Cub Scout Pack 360 - Fletcher Hills
Cub Scout Pack 360 - Tullahoma
Cub Scout Pack 3618 - Oak Lawn
Cub Scout Pack 37 - Elverson
Cub Scout Pack 3997 - Chicago
Cub Scout Pack 4077 - Nunda
Cub Scout Pack 409 - Sunnyvale
Cub Scout Pack 411 - Albuquerque
Cub Scout Pack 416 - Franklinton
Cub Scout Pack 419 - Forest City
Cub Scout Pack 42 - Myakka City
Cub Scout Pack 42 - New Hartford
Cub Scout Pack 420 - Westminister
Cub Scout Pack 43 - Middletown
Cub Scout Pack 440 - Miamisburg
Cub Scout Pack 445
Cub Scout Pack 446 - Cape Carteret
Cub Scout Pack 449 - St. Clair
Cub Scout Pack 459 - Hyde Park
Cub Scout Pack 46 - Brick
Cub Scout Pack 46 - Plainville
Cub Scout Pack 460 - Dittmer
Cub Scout Pack 4728 - Hickory Hills/Palos Hills
Cub Scout Pack 474 - Norvelt
Cub Scout Pack 491 - Shoals
Cub Scout Pack 495 - Boothwyn
Cub Scout Pack 496 - Hookstown
Cub Scout Pack 499
Cub Scout Pack 50 - Moorestown
Cub Scout Pack 506 - Virginia Beach
Cub Scout Pack 508
Cub Scout Pack 51 - Rome
Cub Scout Pack 512 - Reno
Cub Scout Pack 518 - Anoka
Cub Scout Pack 53 - Front Royal
Cub Scout Pack 531 - Maple Grove
Cub Scout Pack 543 - Patchogue - Medford
Cub Scout Pack 57 - Swanton
Cub Scout Pack 584 - New Bern
Cub Scout Pack 6 - Burnham
Cub Scout Pack 602 - Upland
Cub Scout Pack 61 - Raleigh
Cub Scout Pack 610 - Coloma-Watervliet
Cub Scout Pack 621 - Bath
Cub Scout Pack 623 - Dover
Cub Scout Pack 68 - Laconia
Cub Scout Pack 686 - Tremont
Cub Scout Pack 69 - St. Cloud
Cub Scout Pack 692
Cub Scout Pack 695 - Palmdale
Cub Scout Pack 704 - Fountain Inn
Cub Scout Pack 71 - Biglerville
Cub Scout Pack 715 - Fulton
Cub Scout Pack 73 - Suffolk
Cub Scout Pack 737 - Henrico
Cub Scout Pack 76 - Smyrna
Cub Scout Pack 769 - Loxahatchee
Cub Scout Pack 777 - Cape Coral
Cub Scout Pack 787 - Towson
Cub Scout Pack 790  - Hampstead
Cub Scout Pack 8 - Wyalusing
Cub Scout Pack 9 - Honey Brook
Cub Scout Pack 911 - Sarasota
Cub Scout Pack 913 - Mount Juliet
Cub Scout Pack 96 - Ninety-Six
Cub Scouts Pack 1 - Southern Pines
Cub Scouts Pack 126 - Wynne
Cub Scouts Pack 1542 - Finleyville
Cub Scouts Pack 220 - Chino Hills
Cub Scouts Pack 42 - Charles Town
Cub Scouts Pack 80 - Taftville
Pack 100 - Arrow of Light Den
Pack 327
SKS Pack 219
Webelos I - Centreville Pack 129
Scouting - Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Community 165
Girl Scout Community 221
Girl Scout Troop 10490
Girl Scout Troop 1503
Girl Scout Troop 17 - Kansas City
Girl Scout Troop 212 - Peachtree City
Girl Scout Troop 3688 - Wilton
Girl Scout Troop 45204 - North Miami
Girl Scout Troop 52589
Girl Scout Troop 6112 - Fairfax
Girl Scouts of Gateway Council-MLK Cluster
TROOP 30300
Scouting - Pioneers
Scouting - Trail Life USA
TLUSA Troop TX0107
Trail Life Troop NM 0356
Trail Life USA CA-148
Trail Life USA MS-0828
Trail Life USA Troop 139 - Fairhope
Trail Life USA Troop 1:9
Trail Life USA Troop AL-0271
Trail Life USA Troop AR-0911
Trail Life USA Troop AZ-0034
Trail Life USA Troop CA-0308
Trail Life USA Troop FL-0023
Trail Life USA Troop FL-0025
Trail Life USA Troop FL-0048
Trail Life USA Troop GA-0001
Trail Life USA Troop IL-0078
Trail Life USA Troop IL-1031
Trail Life USA Troop IN-0316
Trail Life USA Troop IN0465
Trail Life USA Troop KS-0007
Trail Life USA Troop KS-0281 Wichita
Trail Life USA Troop MI-0110
Trail Life USA Troop MI-0214
Trail Life USA Troop MO-0110
Trail Life USA Troop MS-0110
Trail Life USA Troop NC-0613
Trail Life USA Troop OH-0110
Trail Life USA Troop OH-1106
Trail Life USA Troop OK-0011
Trail Life USA Troop OK-169
Trail Life USA Troop SC-1613
Trail Life USA Troop SC0042
Trail Life USA Troop TX-0003
Trail Life USA Troop TX-0356
Trail Life USA Troop TX-0411
Trail Life USA Troop TX-1202
Trail Life USA Troop VA-0040
Trail Life USA Troop WV-1454
Trail Life USA, Troop IN-2111
Scouting - Venture Crew
BSA Venture Crew 2 - Picayune
BSA Venture Crew 5857
BSA Venturing Crew 163
Crew 641- Cucamonga
Venture Crew 007 - Woodbury
Venture Crew 1/Troop 1 - Brownsville
Venture Crew 1372 - Manassas Park
Venture Crew 16 - Columbus
Venture Crew 17 - Denville, NJ
Venture Crew 1833 - Boy Scouts of America
Venture Crew 185
Venture Crew 185 - Fox Lake
Venture Crew 2149 - Bonner Springs
Venture Crew 231 - Mooresville
Venture Crew 2392
Venture Crew 2393 - Williamsport
Venture Crew 25 - Orlando
Venture Crew 303 - Vallee Lee
Venture Crew 31 - Mount Wolf
Venture Crew 3146
Venture Crew 3410 - Bella Vista
Venture Crew 355 - Folsom
Venture Crew 367 - Medway, MA
Venture Crew 45 Orlando
Venture Crew 687 - Elmwood Park
Venture Crew 75 - Fuquay Varina
Venture Crew 86 - Lyndhurst
Venture Crew 875 - Aurora
Venture Crew 875 - Naperville
Venturie Crew 2465 - Fort Pierce
Venturing Crew 11 - Newark
Venturing Crew 2003 - Omaha
Venturing Crew 2157 - DeMotte
Venturing Crew 347 - Prince Frederick
Venturing Crew 39 - Marlborough
Venturing Crew 580
Venturing Crew 70 - Meridian
Venturing Crew 851 - Ellicott City
Wauconda Venturing Crew 2090
Scouting - Other
AHG Troop TX5657 - Carrollton
American Heritage Girls
Discovery Quest Club
Frontier Girls Troop 159
Pack 169, The Ninja Hamsters
Schools - PTAs, PTOs, Clubs, Classes
Ste Genevieve High School Junior Class
2017 Washington DC Trip
4Cs Willow Creek Preschool
7 Bobs Boosters
8th grade trip to Washington DC and NYC
Abraham Lincoln PTO
ACC Evening Nursing Class
Adams HS French Club
Admiral Byrd School PTO
AHRC Middle High School PTO
Al-Huda Academy
Alpha Kappa Psi - Delta Chapter
Alpha Lambda Delta - UCA
Alpha Phi Omega - Albany
Alpha Phi Omega - Brockport
American Chemical Society at Delta State University
Appleton Elementary PTA
Archbold FFA Chapter
Arnot Ogden School of Nursing Class of 2014
Aubrey Elementary Student Councils
Baird Middle School Travel Club
Baldwin Street East Coast Trip
Baltic Music Boosters
Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School
BC Crossroads Preschool
Bellevue Big Picture PTSA
BHS Class of 2015
BIC East Elemtary PTO
Bowling Green Elementary School
Bradach Cheer
Brentwood High School Musical
Bridging Communities Regional Career & Technical Center
Brown Deer Middle School 8th Grade Washington DC Trip
BSHS Class of 2018
Buckeye High School
Burgettstown High School Prom
Burke Elementary PTA
Busansky PTO
Business Professionals of America
Campbellsport Art Club
Canandaigua Academy Life Skills Class
Cane Creek Middle School
Cardinal Maida Academy
Carroll County High School Spanish Class
Carter High School Boys Soccer
Carthage High School Freshmen Class of 2020
Castle Shannon Parent Faculty Organization
Catoctin High Drama Club
Cedar Catholic Spanish Club
Central High School Spanish Honor Society
Central Valley Christian Academy
Charles Finney School
Chestatee Jr. War Eagles Baseball
CHS Sign Club
Clarks Summit Elementary School
Class of 2016 Watervliet High School
Class of 2020
Classical Conversations of Greenwood
Clinical Laboratory Science Class of 2016
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Class of 2016
Clovis High Speech and Debate
Coatesville Spanish
Conservatory Lab Charter School
Cornerstone Christian School
Cornerstone Christian School 7/8th Grade
CRHS World Language and Art Honor Societies
Crook County High School Freshman Class
CU American Marketing Association
Cumberland County Technical Education Center
Davisville Middle School Team N
Delaware County Christian School
Delazure Winter Guard
Delta State University Student Dietetic Association
Demarest Home School Association
Deptford Band Parent Assoc
DHS CLass of 2016
Dimon Magnet Academy PTO
Discovery Tree School/Just Kids, Inc.
Dixon Schools P.T.O.
Donegal Intermediate School PTO
Douglas High Speech and Debate
East Ithaca Preschool
Eastern University 2010 Int'l Dev Cohort
Eastplain PTA
Edison Senior Class
Educational Trip to England
Emerson Elementary, West Miflin
Englewood Elementary PTA
Esperanza Special Education School
EXTRAS Program - Salisbury, CT
FACE - Family Academy of Christian Education
Fairview Speech and Debate Team
Faith Christian School
FCCLA - Gettysburg
Fink Elementary School
First Love Christian Academy
Flanagan-Cornell High School Student Council
Flanagan-Cornell High School Student Council
Fletcher PTA
FMRHS Spain Trip
FMRHS Spanish Club
Fort Cherry Jr Chess Club
Frank H. Peterson National Honor Society
FRC Team 587 - Hedgehogs
Fremont Ross High School Science Club
Friends and Family of San Pasqual 8th Graders
Fulton County Class of 2015
Future Business Leaders of America
Future Farmers of America
Gackle-Streeter Prom 2016-17
Gaynor McCown HS PTA
GHS Key Club
Grayson County HOSA
Green Meadow Class of 2012
Groves Senior All Night Party
GU19 Long Beach Futbol Club
Guernsey Sunrise Junior Class
Guernsey-Sunrise Prom
Half the World Away Travel Club
Heartland Christian Academy
HEM Spanish Club
Hendersonville Student Travel
Henninger High School's AVID Class
Heritage Elementary PTO
Hickory High School PTSA After Prom
HIghland High School Home and School Council
Hightstown HS Senior Class 2012
highview elementary school
Hollis Destination Imagination
Holy Cross Nursey School
Home Grown Kidz Preschool
Honeoye Cooperative Nursery School
Hope Christian Academy
Howland Middle School Cheer
Huntington North French club
Ida Jew PTA
ILTexas North Richland Hills
Indian Hills Elementary PTO
Institute of Management Accountant
International Travel Group - Costa Rica
Inverness Primary School
James Logan trip to China
James Rumsey
JCHS Class of 2014
Jefferson County North Star Dance Team
John Dewey Academy of Learning
Jordan Elbridge Class of 2015
Jordan-Elbridge Teen Library Council
Julian Charter School Middle School Academy
Junior Council
Kankakee Valley High School Student Council
Kelly Kissick Spain Trip 2016
Kennedy School PTA
Kids Town USA
KT Murphy PTO
La Farge Travelers' Club
Lake Placid Christian School
Lake Placid Sixth Grade
Lakewood High School IBPA
Lakota Senior Class
LBJ High School Junior Class
Leeds Science Club
Leukemia/Lymphoma Society
Levi P. Dodge Middle School
LHS Math and Science
Living Word Lutheran High
Long Beach Middle School 7th grade
Longwood JHS PTSA
LRHS Dance Ensemble
Lyman Memorial Class of 2015
Madison Middle School
Magkaisa Filipino Club
Magkaisa of Fresno State
Manhattan High School Anime Club
Mayfield Post Prom 2016
McIntosh High School Debate Team - Ga
Meadowmere PTA
Middletown High School
Montessori Children's School (Jacksonville, NC)
Mount Baker Junior High California Trip
Mount Wachusett Community College's Dental Education Program
Mountain Vista Community School
MPHS JR Class Parents
Mt Baker Junior High California Trip
Mt. Lassen Charter School
Mt. Pleasant Christian School
Mulberry Grove Class of 2019
Murphysboro High School Art Club
Muskego Student Council
Mystic All Star Cheer Booster Club
N.A.H.S. @ ArtQuest
NAHS Class of 2019
National Honor Society - Dunbar HS
NCUHS Visual Arts Department
Neil Armstrong ES Chorus
New Day Children's Center
New Egypt High School Class of 2015
New Fairfield High School Aporia
New Hope Christian School
New Town Elementary School
Newman International Academy - NICH
NHRHS Freshman Class
NL-S 2018 Spanish Trip
Normandy High School World Languages
North Gwinnett High School HOSA Club
North Port High National Art Honor Society
Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy
Northwest Middle School performing arts
NW Christian Academy
NWACC Nursing
Oak Hammock 8th Grade Trip & Activities
Oak Hill High School Class of 2012 Project Graduation
Odyssey of the Mind
Ohio St Elementary School PTO
Old Mill Senior high Class of 2012
Orange Coast Gakuen
Oroville High School Holocaust Class
Orrenmaa Elementary School
OSF School of CLS
PAHS 8 & 9 Grade Art Club
Phi Sigma Lambda
Phi Sigma Pi
Phi Sigma Pi Alpha Beta Chapter
Phi Sigma Sigma
Phoenix Christian School pre k-8 Auxiliary
Photography Club PHS
Pine Island Post Prom
Pioneer History Club
Piqua High School
Plaza Towers 5th Grade
Plymouth Meeting Friends School
Porter Elementary School PTO
Preschool for the Arts at St. Anne's (PASA)
PS/ IS 180 SEEALL Academy
Pulaski High School Spanish Club
Purdue University Northwest APSAC
Rainier Jr. Sr. High School Rho Kappa Chapter
Rainier Washington DC Tour
Rancho Viejo Middle School-PLUS
Rasmussen College DECA
RCS Class of 2018
Reid Elementary School
Ridge Elementary School
Ridge Park PTO
Ridgefield Park Jr-Sr HS PTSA
Rogers FCCLA
Roosevelt School Project 6th Grade Graduation
Roscoe's Class of 2013
Rosemead High School Class of 2014
Ruby Major Elementary PTO
SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
Saint Irenaeus School
San Tan Charter School
SCA (Stroudsburg Cheerleading Assoc)
School Psychology Society
SEPAC, Special Education Parent Advisory Council
Sequoia Elementary School PTA
Shabazz Academy PTSO
SHAHS Spanish Club
Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy Class of 2016
Shepherd Hill Regional High School
Shoultes Elementary
SHS Class of 2014
Sierra Middle School PTSA
Sierra View Elementary School
Signal Hill Elementary PTA
Sinclair Student Medical Assisting
Smith Clove Elementary PTA
Society of Professional Journalists
South Jefferson High School Class of 2017
Spencerville Freshman Class
Spring Wood PTO
SRHS Class of 2019
St Mary's Catholic School, Portage
St. Hilary of Poitiers
St. Katherine of Siena Parish
St. Mark's Episcopal School-Upland
St. Mary Class of 2016
St. Mary Class of 2017
St. Therese of Jesus Catholic School
St. Vincent Martyr School
Staffordville PTO
Staley Upper Elementary
Stanford BPA
Sto-Rox Leadership
Stoughton HS Class of 2015
Stroudsburg Middle School
Student Medical Assistant Association
Student Occupational Therapy Association
Sturgis Charter School EAST Prom Committee
Sunset School PTA
Sunstate Academy
surgical friends fundraising (UCLA chapter)
SVHS PTSA After-Prom
SVOSH-Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity
SVUSD Adult Education Special Needs
Swan Valley Music Boosters
Sycamore Drive ECLC PTO
T-town Childcare and Rec Center
Taft PTA
Tampopo Club Daycare
Team N - Davisville Middle School
Technology Student Association
Terra Centre PTA
The Art Society
The Britannia Tour Group
The Edison School
The Education Foundation Of East Stroudsburg
The King's Academy
The University of Toledo's International Service Learning
Timber Lake Head Start
Timber Lake HS National Honor Society
Toms River High School South
Tri-State Christian Academy (Band)
Trinity Lutheran School
Trinity West Elementary PTA
Tunbridge PCS PTO
Tyngsborough High Class of 2018
University of Mary Respiratory Therapy Club
University Scholars Program
Vails Gate 1st graders
Valley Central school district freshman class
Valley Central Sophomore Class
Valley City State University Athletic Training Club
Valor Honor Guard
Valorie Roberts' People to People Scholarship
Vassar Club of Philadelphia
Victory Villa PTA
Viola Elementary School PTA
Vista 6th Grade Outdoor School
W.C. Taylor Middle School
Wakpala Student Council and Junior Class
Walker School Science trip to costarica
Wall Primary School
Wallkill Senior High School - Class of 2019
Warner Christian Academy Seniors
Warren Hills Middle School Drama Club
Waunakee High School
Waynesburg Central High School Freshman Class
Waynesburg High School Freshman Class
Waynesburg High School Student Council
Webutuck Central School Class of 2018
Webutuck Central School- Class of 2020
Webutuck Class of 2022
West Grand Elementary - 5th grade
West Stafford School
Westwood Sundancers
WHS Adventure Club
Wichita State University Student Involvement
Will Rogers Elementary PTA
Wilson PTO
World Challange Enforce
WPHD Dance team and cheer
WPHS Freshman Class
York High School - International Art Studies Abroad
Youth Beats
Yucca Mesa PTO
Zion Lutheran School
Music - Bands and Orchestras
Augusta high school color guard
Baldwin-Woodville Winter Drumline
Bellingham High School Music
Billerica friends of music
Blackhawk Band Boosters
Blissfield Band and Choir Boosters
Bordentown Regional HS Band
Bradley Central High School Bear Pride Marching Band Boosters
BRHS Band Parents Association
Brookville Band Association
Camden Middle School Band
Cape Central Orchestra
Cherry Creek High School Percussion Ensemble
Clarenceville Marching Band
College Station HS Cougar Band
Coronado High School Orchestra
Coronado High School Orchestra Association
Cottage Grove High School
Cresskill Music Department
Dynamic Drumline
Eagle Ridge Bands
Eagle Ridge Middle School Orchestras
Eastlake High School Color Guard
Eastlake High School Marching Band
Edgewood High School Band
Ellis Orchestra
Fayette County HS Band
George C Marshall High School Band
George C. Marshall HS Band
George Washington Middle School band
Glasgow Scottie Band
Global Missions Project
Groves Orchestra Boosters
ILTexas Arlington MS Music Program
Imagine Master Academy
Irondale High School Orchestra
James Kenan Marching Band
Kappa Kappa Psi- Iota Psi
Katy High School Band
Kent City Bands
KIPP Austin College Prep Music
Knob Noster Music Boosters
La Cueva Band
Lake Forest Band Booster
Legacy Performing Arts, Inc
LMHS Music Boosters
Lower Richland HS Orchestra and Guitar
Madison Orchestra Boosters
Mankato Area Youth Symphony Orchestra
Marine City High School Bands
Mauger Band and Chorus
McLane High School Band and Color Guard
Mobridge-Pollock Music Department
Modesto High Music Department
Monticello High School Music Boosters, Inc.
Moore Band Boosters
New Bern Band Club
North Augusta Jacket Regiment
Northwest band
OPUS - HF Spain Orchestra Tour 2015
Orange County Independent Percussion Ensembles
Parkway South HS Orchestra Parent Organization
Pennfield Bands
Pine River-Backus Music Dept.
Port Huron Northern Bands
Pride of Ardmore High School Colorguard
Pulaski County High School Band Boosters
Purple Tiger Marching Band
Quibbletown Middle School Music Department
Ridley Indoor Percussion and Colorguard
Rio Rancho High School Orchestra
Rocket Band of Blue Boosters
Schoharie Music
Scotts Hill Band
Selby Area Band
Sharyland HS Colorguard
SHS Indoor Percussion
Smethport Band Boosters
South Portland Music Boosters
Southern Nash Music Boosters
Southview Band Boosters
Spartan Band Boosters Inc.
Spring Hill High School Marching Band
St Agnes Catholic School Band
St Ambrose Catholic School Band
St James Catholic School Band
St Louis Catholic School Band
St. Laurence/ Queen of Peace Marching Gold
TCMS "Marching Knights" Band
THMS Band Boosters
Union Pines High School Orchestra
UNWSP Symphonic Band
Volusia Community Symphony
Warhill High School Band
West Florida High School Band Booster
West Wilkes Band
Western Wayne Middle School Band
Western Wayne Middle School Band
White River Sound Chorus
Willamette High School Bands
William Howard Taft - Taft Raider Band
Wyoming Valley West High School Orchestra
Music - Choruses
Altoona Chorus of Sweet Adelines International
Ben Davis High School Show Choir
Brea Olinda Choir Booster Club
Chesapeake Harmony Chorus
Choctawhatchee HS Chorus & Piano
Cottage Grove Choir
Dunedin High School Chorus Boosters
Ellis Middle School Chorus
Evergreen chorus
Forty Niners Chorus
Georgia Boy Choir
Harmony Celebration Chorus
Harmony River Chorus
Highland East Junior High Choir Booster
Kiski Area High School Chorus
Lone Star Chorus
Masterworks Chorale of Carroll County
Montana Sapphire Chorus
North Bergen High School Chorus
Parkland Magnet High School Choral Dept.
Paulsboro High School Choral Groups
Pensacola Children's Chorus
Performing Choir
Reeths-Puffer Middle School Choirs
Regis HS Music Department
River Bend Chorus of Sweet Adelines International
Sandwich Soul
Santa Susana Vocal Music
Sneads Elementary School Choir
Song of the Pines Chorus
Southern Harmony Chorus
St. Louis Harmony Chorus
SYCSD Choral Boosters
Texas Harmony Chorus
The Fort Bend Boys Choir of Texas, Inc.
The Woodlands Boys Choir
The Woodlands HS Choir Booster Club
West Deptford High School Music Department
West Wilkes High School Chorus
WMHS Performing Arts Department
Faith Groups - Churches, Missions, Youth Groups, other
2017NCYC Youth (Rusk County, WI)
909 Student Ministries
All Nations Worship Center
Annunciation Greek School PTO
At the cross Oceanside church
Bannockburn Baptist Church Missions
Batavia Covenant Church Student Ministries
Berwyn UMC Youth
Bethesda Church
Bread of Life Society
Bridge of Hope Youth
Caloosa Baptist Church Youth Group
calvary chapel tricities
Calvary Chapel Worship Center
Capitoland Children's Center
Carrollton Bible Chapel Metrochangers
Centerbranch Aspire Youth
Christ the Lord Lutheran Church
Church of God (Seventh Day) - Harrisburg, OR
Church of God 7th day "Dreamland School" project
Church Youth Group - Eau Claire area
Coffee For Missions
Collins UMC - Ireland Trip
Community Bible Church at Sunriver
Community of Christ Youth Venture
Concord Baptist Mexico Mission Team
Congregation B'nai Moshe
CornerStone International
Costa Rica Global-X Mission Trip
CUMC-WF Mission Trip to Costa Rica
Dells STP
Denville Community Church ASP Team
East Naples Youth Fellowship
Eau Gallie First Baptist Church Youth Ministry
Edgewood Baptist Church
Enon Baptist Mission Team
Enon Baptist Youth Group
Faith Focus And Follow Through Intl. Ministries
Fenton United Methodist Church
First Baptist Church of Litchfield
First Baptist Church of Oceanway
First Southern Baptist Church youth group
Gateway Church - Guatemala Mission Team
God's Tabernacle of Deliverance
Good Shepherd Christian Academy
Grace Baptist Student Ministry
Grace United Methodist Church
Guatemala Missions
Hanging Rock Christian Camp
Harvest of Hope, led by Randy and Sally Byron
HBC Student Ministry
HEATH Adventurers
Hillsboro Nazarene Church
Horizons Celebrate Recovery
Howland United Methodist (HUM) church
Humble First Fine Arts
Ignite Youth-Church Alive
Immersion College Ministry
Jackson First United Methodist Church
Jenna Orabutt/World Race
Job's Daughters International
Knights of Columbus
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Link to Hope
Live God 24/7
Longview Heights Baptist Church Students
Marshall Road Baptist Church
Meadowview Baptist Church
Medical Mission Trip to Haiti
Michaela Hennagir
Milton Church of God (Holiness) - Youth
MOPS at Hillsboro Church of the Nazarene
Morris Family Mission Trip
Mount Pocono United Methodist Church Youth Group
Nativity Parish High School Youth
North Strand Community Church Ignite Kids
Olivet Church of the Nazarene Youth Group
One Island Family Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Key West, FL
Operation Christmas Child
Peace of Christ Parish - Rochester
Peaceful Valley Ministries
PEP for preschoolers
Peru Crew 2014
Pine Forest UMC
Pomona Christian Church
Powerhouse of Jesus, Inc.
Prince of Peace Youth Group
REACH Youth Ministries
REVOLVE: Youth Ministries
Rolla Apostolic Fellowship
Roots Youth Ministry
Roxborough Presbyterian Church
Selkirk Bible Chapel
Southwest Church
SS Peter & Paul Orthodox Christian Church
St Jude Catholic Church WYD
St. Anthony's Columbiettes
St. Dunstan's Youth Group
St. John Lutheran Youth Group - Selby, SD
St. Marks Lutheran Church/You and Family Ministry
St. Marks's Lutheran
St. Michael MOPS
St. Norbert Youth Ministry
St. Peter's Mission Group
St. Timothy Catholic Church
Stratford Baptist Church Youth group/"JAM"
Sunshine Child Care Center
Sutallee Baptist Church Youth
SVBC Missions
Taylor Ministries
The Flame Christian Youth Ministry
The KROO Student Ministry
The Lion's Pride
The Vine Refuge
The Well United Methodist Church
The World Race (AIM)
Tilzey Family Adoption
Trinity Baptist Church Youth Choir
Trinity Lutheran Sr Youth Organization
Triple Tree Church of God (Seventh Day)
TSN Ministries
Uganda Missions Trip
Union-Congregational Church
United Presbyterian Church - Traer IA
Victory Life Young Adults
Victory Tabernacle Church
Vineyard Church of San Antonio
VW - MCOG mission
Wayne United Methodist Church: Youth Missions
Westside Church Youth
White Horse Christian Academy
Willard Church of Christ Ladies Circle
Word of Life Youth Group
World Race Fusion 2017
YoungLife Hanover
Dance & Theatre
Articulate Motions Dance Academy
Ballet North
Bar-Lee Klein
Best of Entertainment Dance Academy
Blackout Productions Crew
Bravo Boosters
Brittany's Dream
Cairn Opera Theater
Center of the Arts
CHS Dance and Drama
Company *T of Tami Gees Dance Studio
Creekview High School Theatre
Cuthbertson ITS Troop 7581
Dance City Booster Club
Dance Del Bello
Dance Theatre Fairbanks
Dance Theatre New Bern NC Dance Team
Dance Workshop
Dancin' Ovations
Danforth's Brothers Ballet Magnificat Fund
Dynamic Dance
Essence Of Motion Dance Company
Fancy Dancin'
Grace M. Davis High Dance
Hot Springs Dance Troupe
Ithaca Academy of Dance Parent Boosters
Janelle's Irish Dance
Jenison High School Thespians
Joh'anna's Jazz in Motion
Mid Atlantic Youth Ballet and Center for Dance Education
Miss Heather's School of Dance
Next Level Dance Academy
P2 Parents Association
Paramount Winterguard
Peak Dance Academy
PPTC Drama Patrons
PRHS International Thespian Society
Puttin On The Ritz School of Dance
Radiant Mini Dance Company
Ridley Drama Group
Ringgold High School Musical
Save Our Shakespeare at Taconic, Inc
Scitamard Society - Margaretville Central School Drama Club
Scitamard-MCS Music
SOD Dream Team
Starkville Academy Lady Blues Dance Team
The Dance DEPT - Paola
The Dancers Edge Dance Studio
The Next Step Dancing with Maren
West Perry Drama Club
Woodstock HS Drama
A Beautiful Me, Inc.
All American Girl Youth Development Program
Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia Association
Autism Research Institute
Courage Adoption/Global Orphan Outreach
Ecuador Trip!
Global Leadership Adventure
Global Orphan Outreach Inc
Go Baby, Grow Baby
Jacksonville Assembly 21
Jason & Missy Adoption
Miriam's Kids Research Fund
Our Adoption Fund
Running with Amanda
Simmons' Ukraine Adoption
SMI Investing- Samantha Miller
Smiles From Drew
Sonora Quest Lab/JDRF
The Carole Robertson Center for Learning
The Committee for Missing Children
A Mom's Helping Hand of SWFL
Akron Teen Group
American Cancer Society
American Red Cross
Anna Sule JrNYLC Alumni Event in Boston
ARC of Camden County
Avon 39 The Walk To End Breast Cancer
Beth Ann's Fans
Blankets For Homeless
Blue Star Mothers of America Inc Big Dipper Auxiliary
California Rainbow for Girls
Crossing The Finish Line
Declaring His Answer Ministries, Int'l
Edith's Art Foundation
Gasconade Manor Rehab Unit
Georgetown University Medical Brigades
Grand Court of Virginia
Grow Missions
Gunnison High School Dance Team
Haiti Mission Trip: 7/30/16 - 8/6/16
Hands 4 Others
HelpHOPELive - Michelle Portra
Hispanic Scholarship Civic & Cultural Foundation, Inc.
Jonesboro Business and Professional Women
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Team in Training
Linton Tri Kappa
Love For Lorraine
Michael J. Fox Foundation - J Graves fundraising efforts
Middletown Area Arts Collective
My Jewelry Fund
New Prospect Baptist Relay for Life Team
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Foundation
P.E.O. Chapter A-B Montclair, NJ
PEO Chapter BX
PEO Sisterhood, Chapter CN
PEO Washington DC Chapter AA
Phi Delta Epsilon
Precious Lambs ChildCare
Rainforest Alliance
Relay For Life
Relay for Life - American Cancer Society
Relay for Life - Newaygo County - Tattooed Crazies
Relay for Life Team Breast of Friends
Relay for Life- Team Honda
RGAL Relay For Life Team
Samantha's Mitzvah Project to Benefit Charity:Water
Shawnee Mission Pilot Club
STATCare and STATCare Plus for Relay for Life
Tara Estep Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser
Team Goofy - Epilepsy Foundation
Team in Training Flower Mound Runners
Team in Training Southern Florida Chapter
The Cottage
Veterans Center for the Creative Arts, Inc.
Welcome Home Central Valley
Charity - Animal related
Across America Boxer Rescue
Animal Compassion Team
Animal Education and Rescue
Another Chance Equine Rescue Inc
Ark RAIN Wildlife Sanctuary
ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Blind Dog Rescue Alliance
Blue Dog Shelter
Cause for Paws Ohio
Clean Mother Earth Recycling
Col.Potter Cairn Rescue Team
Connecticut Parrot Rescue
Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter
Dogs for the Deaf
Eyes For Iris
FaithBark Inc.
Four Footed Crew
Frankies Furry Friends Rescue, Inc.
furbridge, inc
Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada
Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund
Homestretch Hounds, Inc
Humane Society of Otter Tail County
Jaded Paws Rescue
Knick Knack Pittie Pack Dog Rescue
Kryss Rescue Center
Lake Traverse Animal Rezcue
Las Vegas Valley Humane Society
Last Chance Ranch Equine Rescue
Lonesome Dove Equine Protection
Louisiana Baby Mommas Rescue
Love of Dogz Fund
Merkery Rescue Transport
Metrowest Pet Pantry, Inc.
Midwest Community Cat Alliance
Moonracer No Kill Animal Rescue Inc
New Leash On Life
Northwest Boxer Rescue
Ohio Cattle Dog Rescue Team
Pink Pearl's Parrot Rescue inc
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
ROSA's Rescue
Runs With Wolves Sanctuary
Russell Rescue Inc.
Sale Authority Mustang Rescue & Sanctuary
San Antonio Cat Cafe
Save A Lab Rescue
Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland
Southern Oregon Bulldog Rescue
Stray Haven Rescue
Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue
Voices in the Dark Animal Rescue
Weimaraner Rescue of Texas
Other Non-Profits
2015 National Youth Leadership Forum - Alexandria Dawson
5 AM Productions
Alton Assembly #8
American Institute of Architecture Students
American Legion Auxiliary - Dept of SC
American Legion Post 532 - Hayesville, NC
Ameth Chapter Order of DeMolay
Andrea's Alliance, Walk like MADD
Anoka County 4-H Drill Team
AZ Eagles
Azle High Auto Technology
Barnwell County Career Center FFA
Beta Sigma Psi
Blue Star Mothers of SE MN
Bombay Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary
Breaking Free Therapies
BSSHS Costa Rica Trip
Cannon County S.A.V.E. (Services and Violence Education)
Center for Coastal Preservation
chambers historical group
CMH Hospice H.O.P.E. program
Community Inspiring Todays Youth
Creeks 4-H Club
Cub Scout Pack 272 -San Leon & Bacliff
DeKalb County Back 40 4-H
Dombroski Royal Academy
Eagle Hill Middle School
Festival Internacional de Poesía en Puerto Rico
First Care Nursing Home Relay for LifeTeam
Freedom Work Opportunities
GFWC Paradise Valley Jr's Women Club
Giving Bean Special
givingbean special - test subpartner
Green Planet Films
Greencastle of North Aurora
Harvest House Missions
Hayden Middle School
HHSF 4-H Club
Hightstown Elk's Lodge #1955
Honduras Medical Brigades
Houston Association of Insurance Professionals, Inc.
I Know I Matter ™
ICAN of the Quad Cities
Illinois Leadership Seminar
Insurance Professionals of Mercer County
International Order for the Rainbow for Girls - Martha Assembly #11
International Order of the Rainbow for Girls - Alton Assembly
IORG #95 Edmond,OK
Job's Daughters Bethel #37
Job's Daughters Bethel 50 Lomita,CA
Job's Daughters Bethel 52
Job's Daughters of PA
Kidder County Hippology
Lake Forest Cooperative Nursery School
Landmark Restoration Fund
Leukemia and lymphoma society
Licking Valley HS International Travel Group
M-SPEC(Millburn-Short Hills Special Education Committee)
Maryland State Grange Youth
Masonic Lodge 434
Milburn Special Education Committee (M-SPEC)
Milwaukee Showcase Chorus
Miss California USA Contestants
MOPS at Adventure Christian Church
Morning Star Chapter 22 OES
National American Miss - Morrison
New Jersey National Guard 119th CSSB FRG
Operation Ooh-Rah
OPSA - Dorothy Tabe
OPSA - Rosemary Mbongo
OPSA New York - Emilie Egbe
OPSA New York - Pauline Shokeye
OPSA New York - Ruth Vinga
Order of the Eastern Star
Oxford House Central WV Chapter
P.E.O. Chapter AG-Roswell, GA
Paradise Valley Chapter, Order of DeMolay
Parents preschool
PEO - Chapter CQ
PEO Chapter CQ Minnesota
Phi Delta Epsilon New York Zeta
Phi Lambda Sigma
Portland Organic Productions
Psi Iota Xi Eda Lambda Chapter
Rainbow' End Childcare
REACH-Russellville Education Association Christian Homeschoolers
Relay for Life - Lebanon Federal Credit Union
Relay For Life - Team Ya Gotta Believe!
Relay for Life / Giving Cancer the Boot
Relay For Life Frontier Friends for a Cure
Richmond Christian School
Round Table South Africa, Umhlathuze 261
Sacred Heart Critical Care Council
San Fernando Valley LSA
Shenandoah University Nicaragua Mission
Sigma Alpha Iota Dallas Alumnae Chapter
Skills of Central PA
Soquel Sports & Arts Program, United Charitable 501c3
South Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter of Delta Delta Delta
Southside No 28 OES
St Jacob's UCC Child Care Center
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church - Del City
star light creations
STTI Lambda Eta Chapter
Student Ambassador Ben Workman of People to People
Swedesboro Order of the Eastern Star of NJ
Syrian refugee savers
Tayor's Tropical Travelers
Team Challenge for
Team Criminal Minds
The Center for Coastal Preservation, Inc.
The Foundation of Monongalia General Hospital
The Greater Bettendorf Community Foundation
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
The World Race
Treetops International School
United OPSA New York Chapter
USS Virginia Family Readiness Group
Vincent Middle High School Auxiliary
Walking Shoes Cultural Travel Club
Watkins Mill Park Camp Liaison Council
Wee Folks Place
Women of AT&T
Youth In Action
International Service Learning
Chapter FE, PEO
Costa Rica/ Nicaragua Educational Tour
CSA New Tech Spanish Class
Example International Service Learning Team
Oxford House - Albuquerque
Shenandoah University 2016 Nicaragua Medical Mission Trip
William H. Upton Naval and Military Lodge # 206

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