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Small Batch Coffee Freshness

Taste and smell small-batch freshly roasted coffee and you’ll forever be hooked!  Most coffee in the USA is mass produced and often months old before it hits your grocer shelves.  Small-batch roasting to bring out the best nuances of freshly roasted coffee provides quite a different taste experience.. 

Giving Bean sources the majority of its green coffees from growers it visits during the harvest season.  Coffees beans are sample-roasted on the spot and cupped to determine their quality and suitability for Giving Bean.  Back home, the selected  beans are expertly roasted using state of the art equipment to best compliment their natural characteristics for our customers. 

All our coffee is quickly packaged in one-way valve, high barrier resealable pouches.  The intoxicating aromas will fill your room when it arrives!  You'll notice the fresh roasted difference right away!

Giving Bean roasts and ships coffee orders so they arrive at your door as fresh as they can be.  They'll remain, with proper care (sealed and cool), just as delicious as the finest small-batch, locally-roasted coffees in your local fine coffee shops.

We think you'll appreciate our attention to quality!

Thank you for helping our partners and their causes in this unique way! 
Great Coffee (and tea) for Great Causes!

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