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BSA Troop 4234 - Morrow

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Organization name BSA Troop 4234 - Morrow
GroupID   4de9d
Organization description Right now our Boy Scout troop consists of 8-10 boys on a good Monday night. We are in need of some equipment right now. We would like to purchase a trailer to make campouts easier when traveling, and sometime in the far future, our goal is to have a scout hut built where we can hold meetings and campouts. That's not on our immediate list however. We are just looking toward the future. This fundraiser will not only benefit our financial needs but will also help us learn the real meanings behind the Scout Law and Scout Oath. We feel this level of responsibility will be a huge help in our troop as we are in the middle of a time when we are trying out some new things that will ultimately require a high level of responsibility. Lastly, in the future we would like to host our own website for our troop. This can cost money, although not much. It is still outside of our financial possibility to host a website now.

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