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Organization name Blue Dog Shelter
Partner ID   88df0
Description/message We are a non-profit dog shelter in Brockton, MA. We take in dogs from animal control offices throughout the region and personal relinquishments when people can no longer care for their pets. We are a no-kill shelter for adoptable animals and we will not adopt an animal out until he or she is spayed or neutered and brought up to date on all age-appropriate vaccines. This often means we house, feed, and pay vet bills for dogs for several months, sometimes years. We are very unique in that we socialize and train our shelter dogs and carefully match them with the lifestyles and personalities of potential adopters which has lead to our 92% permanent-adoption success rate compared to the national average of 50%! We do not receive any federal funding so we rely entirely on donations and fundraisers like this one.

We sincerely appreciate all of your support and hope you enjoy the coffee!
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Promote online fundraising for Blue Dog Shelter

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Link 1: Giving Bean - Coffee and Tea fundraiser for Blue Dog Shelter

<a href="https://www.givingbean.com/store/home.php?partner=88df0" title="Coffee Fundraiser">[ Giving Bean - a coffee fundraiser for Blue Dog Shelter]</a>

Link 2: Buying your freshly roasted coffee here helps Blue Dog Shelter

<a href="https://www.givingbean.com/store/home.php?partner=88df0" title="Giving Bean Coffee Fundraiser">[ Buying your freshly roasted coffee here helps Blue Dog Shelter]</a>

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