What type of fundraiser is best for your group?

Traditional Paper Order Form has been used by thousands of groups with great success over the years! Sellers use a physical paper order form and collect cash and checks only – “Tried & True!” Makes 40% profit and ships in bulk to one location.

Express Web-App Order Form accepts multiple payment options – credit card, paypal, cash & check. It uses a link to an online version of our order form. Customers/supporters can then place and pay for their own orders using a card or PayPal. Sellers or You, can accept orders for cash and check using a simple code. If your group would like the option for multiple payment methods, then Express Web-App is the way to go. It just requires Seller ID #s. You can create a list of sellers’ names and emails in our “listbuilder” OR send out a signup link so sellers to add themselves to the list. Listbuilder assigns the Seller ID # for each seller. The Web-App is a low-contact and safe way to sell if that is a concern for your group. It also has a partial pre-sorting option. If sellers don’t have an email or your group just wants to do cash and check only collection, then choose Traditional Paper (#1).

We also have the Webstore fundraiser, which is always active year-round. Orders ship directly to the customer and your group makes 25% on most items. It’s great for for orders from out-of-town supporters or reorders throughout the year after your order form sale has ended. You can run it on it’s own, or along with one of our order form fundraisers. It’s automatically active when you sign up.

Here’s a grid to show the different features of each: