Our Fundraising Options:

Thousands of groups have used our Order Form fundraiser over the years. The Multi-Pay order form was added in 2020 to streamline order-taking (less cash and paper handling) and make fundraising better in several ways. Most groups that can set up Seller ID#s (see 2 below) are now using multi-pay, but some groups still like traditional cash and check fundraising.

We support you either way!

1. Order Form: Cash & Checks Only

Sellers use a physical paper order form and collect cash and checks with orders. Makes 40% profit and ships to one location with everything necessary for easy sorting.

2. Order Form: Multi-Pay (formerly “express”)

Sellers mostly use the online order form (“webapp”) on any device but can also use paper if they need to. Multi-pay accepts all payment types – credit card, PayPal, AND cash & check. Access is from a link so local customers/supporters can place their own orders which is nice. A Seller can still accept cash and check in-person by using a simple code at checkout.

Main Difference? – Multi-Pay requires each seller to have an ID#. ID#s are easily issued by adding name and email in our “Seller Listbuilder” OR by sending the signup link to Sellers to obtain their own ( IDs are simple 1,2,3,etc.). There are no logins or passwords required for sellers. They just need to Seller ID#.

Multi-Pay is a low-contact and safe way to sell, if that is a concern for your group. Also, your final order arrives sorted by seller and mostly ready to hand out to them for delivery..

3. Webstore Direct-Ship, Runs by itself and also with an order form sale. The Webstore has a large selection of products. Orders ship directly to customers and earn 25% profit on most items!

It serves to boost your fundraising dollars during an order form sale for non-locals and then for year round for ordering/re-orders.

Promote your group’s cause by sharing a special Webstore link by email Facebook, or other social media. It will be activated automatically at signup. *Monthly coffee subscriptions available.