*Our Multi-Pay Order form fundraiser, previously known as Express, features the same 30 products and 40% profit margin as our Cash/Check Only Order Form fundraiser, but with the convenience of our easy-to-use web-app! It accepts PayPal, credit and debit cards, and now even cash and checks! Sellers just need an email address. Request a brochure to learn more!

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During these uncertain times, it’s still important for groups to raise funds and more importantly, to have a fundraiser that’s simple, safe, and effective! Giving Bean’s Multi-Pay fundraiser is the perfect option for your group to raise funds this year and provide quality coffee and tea to your customers!

With the Giving Bean Multi-Pay fundraiser, there is no need for face-to-face selling or physical handling of paper order forms and collected funds, which ensures that your sellers will stay safe during your fundraiser! With our new ordering system, customers can simply order and pay through an online webapp, and you deliver!

Each order is tracked and reported by seller and shipped in bulk so that sellers can deliver to their local customers. Your group makes 40% profit on all items and the coffee bag labels are customized with your group’s name and/or logo!

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