Sweet Adelines Fundraisers

Sweet Adelines is an international organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of barbershop singing for women. Like many nonprofit organizations, Sweet Adelines relies on fundraising for things such as operational costs, education, training, competitions, events, scholarships, grants, outreach, philanthropic projects, and promotion. Fundraising enables the organization to provide valuable resources, education, opportunities, and experiences to its members while also preserving the art of barbershop singing for women.

Giving Bean coffee fundraising is the perfect choice for Sweet Adelines! Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, making it a highly popular product and something most people use daily which makes it easy to sell and hard to resist for supporters. Giving Bean also offers high-quality, gourmet coffee, tea, all-natural cocoa and chai, and cookies, so there is something for everyone to enjoy . Our emphasis on quality ensures that supporters receive a premium coffee experience, which can contribute to customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases. Offering a quality product aligns with the commitment to excellence and artistry that Sweet Adelines represents.

Giving Bean also offers free customized coffee bag labels – Sweet Adelines can take advantage of this feature by adding their organization’s logo to the coffee bag labels, enhancing the sense of identity and pride among supporters.

Your group will make 40% profit with order form sales and 25% in the webstore which stays open year-round so that you can tap into the potential for repeated purchases from loyal customers or from anyone that does not live locally!