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About our products

Giving Bean has been roasting and shipping fine roasted coffees and artisan teas to benefit community and non-profit groups throughout the USA for over 10 years.   

Roastery Coffee

Expect the finest sourced beans from responsible farming communities and co-ops  around the world.


Roasting to perfection with the latest green coffee roasting technology and a decade-long passion for developing the right roast profile for each bean.

Available in 12oz. zip pouches, 5 lb. bags, our own K-Kups, as well as in a trio samplers.

Artisan Tea

You won't find teas like these in the grocery aisle!  We offer and blend an extraordinary selection of the finest loose teas, including exotic black, green, organics, tantalizing fruit blends and herbals (caffeine free).

Our teas are available in loose 3.5 to 4 oz. resealable zip pouches (enough for 30-50 cups). Giving Bean also offers a convenient and easily cleanable silicon tea basket to make your tea steeping easy and enjoyable.

AND, delicious Cocoas, and Cookies as well!  Something for everyone.

What's in our products?  Nutritional info and Ingredient lists

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