Drama Club Fundraisers

DRAMACLUBWEBTrying to find an easy  fundraiser for your theater club might cause a lot of drama, but it doesn’t need to. There are many factors that go into putting on a good show: costumes, props, set dressings, play rights, and  venue fees. All of the factors that go into the production really add up. Drama clubs need fundraisers help cover some of the costs. Giving Bean’s coffee fundraising program is dedicated to making your drama club fundraising process as easy and effective as possible.

With fresh roasted coffee, fabulous artisan teas, and all natural gourmet cocoas there is something for everyone! You will make 40% with the order form coffee fundraisers and 25% from webstore sales. The online portion runs simultaneously with the paper fundraiser and stays open even after the paper fundraiser concludes. The great thing about the online fundraising portion is that members of the audience who have enjoyed your show,  can support your drama club fundraiser by purchasing coffee online and attributing it to your page for your next performance.

We also offer a ‘Show and Sell’ option which is perfect to sell before your production starts or during intermission. It features an assortment of 50 of Giving Bean’s most popular flavors of coffee and tea. It’s a great way to show your audience the product and also boost sales of your order form fundraiser. This is why there are no startup costs, fast shipping, step by step instructions, and online support. Furthermore, our products are things people use everyday making them easy to sell and just the thing you need for all of your drama club fundraisers.